K.J. Somaiya Inst. of Mgmt. Studies & Research (2017 - 18)

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The process of selection at KJ Somaiya consists of Case discussion or Group Discussion and Personal Interview.
Feedback - Case discussion or Group Discussion
Duration: 20 minutes
  • Street hawkers should be prohibited, regulated or relocated?
  • Farmers’ income can be doubled by the year 2022. What are the challenges faced by the farmers and how can these be tackled?
  • What advice would you give to a friend who wishes to whistle-blow but has been threatened by his manager.
  • What do you think about ‘ageing gracefully’? How can we change the trend of people going for cosmetic surgeries?
Feedback – Personal Interview
No. of Panelists: 2
Excerpts from Interview 1-
Candidate Profile: Fresher, B. Tech (CSE)
Tell us about yourself. Which books do you read? What are your hobbies? Why Marketing? What do you write as you have mentioned that you freelance as a content writer? How do you get paid? Is it fair pay? What growth do you see in the real estate sector? How secure is it as an investment? Why not invest in gold? Why would I live in a city like Kolkata and not Bengaluru or Mumbai? Why MBA? Tell us your views on Jack Reacher, the movie? Why did you use this quote in your SOP? What do you see in this person that impresses you? Why did this quote got stuck in your mind? Why computer science and then MBA?
Excerpts from Interview 2-
 Candidate Profile: Work ex
Tell me about your role in your company. What kind of purchases did you make? Explain the process. What does your company manufacture? Tell me about your most difficult day at your workplace. Can you recite any poem written by you? What is your goal in life? Name any three popular personalities whose name carry Sinha.
Excerpts from Interview 3-
Candidate Profile: Fresher
Introduce yourself. What have you done after passing out in 2016? So you're interested in marketing? Sell me this bottle. Who was the guest of honour in the last republic day? What happened in the World Economic Forum? Who represented India there and what was PM Modi’s speech there? So you are interested in automobiles. Who is the CEO of Maruti Suzuki? Who is the Chief Election Commissioner of India? Who is the governor of RBI?  
Excerpts from Interview 4-
 Candidate Profile: Fresher, engineer
What are you doing now? So why do you want to do MBA now? Work for 2 years and then apply for MBA. You may face problems post MBA during placement due to lack of industry exposure. (The candidate mentioned about his interest in finance- stock markets, equity markets, etc.) Which stock performed best today? Which bank is going to issue IPO? Do you know about carbon footprints and global warming? What is the importance of ozone layer? What is agrarian distress? What do you think about loan waivers?
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Excerpts from Interview 5-
Candidate Profile: Work ex
Introduce yourself. So why do you want to go for MBA? Draw a sketch/cartoon for Google. What are you bad at? Name the vice president of India, Maharashtra governor, Rajya Sabha head? Sell Rahul Gandhi in one minute. Tell me one thing that Rahul has done good for India. How is Persistent Systems different from others? Why should we select you? Did you join any coaching?
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