Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (2021-22)

Department of Management Studies (DMS) forms a key part of IIT Delhi, one of the oldest and most reputed institutes of India. It offers a two-year full-time MBA (General, with emphasis on TelecomSystems Management) and a three-year part-time MBA (with focus on Technology Management).DMS shortlists candidates based on their CAT scores and finally, provides admission after considering their past academic scores, CAT scores, gender diversity, and work experience. Graduates from IITs/NITs gain a little higher weightage than others.
Selection Process
The admission procedure for the MBA ’22 batch followed the given order:
  • Shortlisting (based on CAT scoreand overall profile)
  • Personal Interview (PI)
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Interview Experiences
A group of 2-3 panellists asked the candidates about their work experience, academic background, hobbies and career choices. They rarely asked cross-questions on the given answers. Some of the interview questions were on the current events and basic GK. The average duration of each interview was10-20 minutes. Here are some of the interview experiences of the candidates at DMS:
Interview 1:
Background:Working as a teacher
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Being a teacher, what will you bring to the table?
  • You have a grasp over numbers, so how will you analyse elections?What does it tell you?
  • What is multimedia? What isVR? What is ERP?
  • Why didn't you plan to join MNC?
  • Any questions for us?
Interview 2:
Background:B.Tech (Chemical Engineering), Working professional
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why MBA?
  • What is your job role?How will you ensure the safety of your workers? What is your daily routine?
  • How was your meeting with MukeshAmbani? What is his net worth? How many crores are there in 1 billion?
  • What is the role of RBI? Can you tell us about the basic terms related to monetary policy?
The candidate was also asked some questionsfrom his Chemical Engineering subjects.
Interview 3:
Background:B.Tech (CSE),Work Ex of 25monthsat Wipro Limited
  • Talk about yourself.
  • Why MBA after engineering?Do you think MBA can help you gain the exposure and networking you are looking for?
  • Why MBA from DMS?What do you like about the DMS campus?
  • Why did you leave your job at Wipro?
  • Do you have any questions for us?
Interview 4:
Background:B.Tech, Working in Energy sector
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Why MBA from DMS?
  • How much are you aware of the Renewable energy market?
  • What is your opinion on EV battery-swapping?
  • What are the challenges in battery recycling?
  • Tell me about any personal challenge you faced in the last one year.
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Interview 5:
Background:B.Tech (Electrical), Work Ex of 36 months in POWERGRID
CAT Percentile:90.82
  • Would you like to introduce yourself?
  • Tell us the differences between Tata Power, NTPC, and POWERGRID.
  • Why is EV not picking up in India?
  • What is the business potential of Tesla in India?
  • What is the Sagarmala programme for? And PM Gati Shakti? What do you understand by Multi-modal Logistics Parks?
  • What is cold chain?
  • What do you know about the manufacturing sector?How would you reduce power losses in an industry? And machine losses? Power transmission losses?
  • Who was the second President of India? Are you asking me or telling me? Your face says you are not 100% sure.
  • Do you know about the large electrical companies in India? Name them and their CEOs.Have you heard of Siemens? Who is its CEO?Which other big companies do you know of?What is the full form of ABB?
  • How will the Russia-Ukraine crisis affect us? Why cannot OPEC compensate? Who are the largest Oil producers? Rank them.
  • Where is the headquarters of the UN?
  • You spoke about football and music. So, which league do you follow?You know Lionel Messi left FC Barcelona because of the wage cap rule of La Liga. What does it say? What is that wage percentage limit? Who is John Lennon? Name two of his songs.
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