Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (2019-20)

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The process of selection at DMS, IIT Delhi consists of Essay Writing (WAT) and a Personal Interview.
Feedback – WAT
Duration: 30 minutes
Word limit: 300
  • Automation and AI will lead to more job losses or more job creation. Support with examples.
  • Social credit score scheme should be implemented by governments. Yes or no?
  • In this era of incubation and startups, how will you evaluate the potential of a business idea prior to investment?
  • Nepotism
Feedback- Personal Interview
Duration: 10-20 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2-3
Excerpt from Interview 1-
(common interview for IIT Delhi & IIT Roorkee)
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (ECE), Work Experience of few months
Which other IIT calls are you having? Tell me something which is not there in the application form. What challenges do you think this company faces today? What do you think about regulation part? How many times we need to go for KYC? Do you know what KYC is? You must be in a written contract that you would not share the company’s privacy and resources with anyone. Isn’t it wrong? Do they pay you? How much time do you give them? What is your long term goal? When are you going to do it then? What exactly? Do you know what OTP scam is? Blockchain is a technique or technology? Are you sure? What is blockchain? What is your hobby?
Excerpt from Interview 2-
(common interview for IIT Delhi & IIT Madras)
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Candidate Profile: B.Com, Fresher
How are you feeling? You're in your final year of college, what's the hurry? Why do you want to do an MBA right away? Don't you think you'll be at a disadvantage against those with work experience? Why are there so many engineers trying to pursue an MBA? Are they better managers? You have really high marks in 12th. Did you get a state rank? What are some of the subjects you've learnt in college? Have you heard of IRR, NPV and payback period? Would you like me to explain each of them? Compare them. So which do you think is more widely used? What could be the benefit of using payback period? Do you read the newspaper? Which part do you focus on? What is the monetary policy? How often is it drafted? What is the economic survey? Who publishes it? Who is the commerce minister? Name any female minister other than the finance minister. What is she in charge of? Name the finance minister of Tamil Nadu. Name a female minister of Tamil Nadu.
Excerpt from Interview 3-
Candidate Profile: B.A. (Economics hons.), Fresher
Tell me about yourself. What is quora? What do you write? In sports, you play hockey. So tell me, how has hockey shifted through times and what would you like to suggest current Indian hockey team? What changes would you bring to current team? Who is your hockey role model? Why didn't you make a career in hockey? Did you take this game because of it being national game? Tell me about your school. How old are you? Have you worked somewhere? Any internships? What is elasticity? Draw graph. (Pointing to a water bottle kept, interviewer asked questions) What would happen to its demand if I increase the price? Tell me about your weakness. Another one? So, what are you? overemotional or underemotional? Do you have any questions for us?
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