Indian Institute of Management, Indore (2019 - 20)

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The selection process at IIM I consists of essay writing (WAT) followed by a personal interview round (includes an extempore).
Feedback – Essay Writing (WAT)
Average Duration: 30 minutes
Word Limit: 300 words
  • Digital education boon or bane?
  • Suggestions in the medical insurance policy in the favour of client.
  • Reduction of plastic waste generated due to e-commerce/online delivery.
  • #MeToo movement has pointed fingers at several celebrated artistes, musicians and filmmakers who have made significant contributions in their fields. Should a person’s personal life be considered when evaluating his body of work?
Feedback – Extempore
Duration: 30 seconds to think, 1.5-2 minutes to speak
  • Social Media is causing political fights.
  • Role of youth in democracy
  • Donald Trump is the best president America has ever had ( Speak for or against)
  • Global Warming
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 15-20 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2
Excerpt from Interview 1-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (Civil), Work experience in L&T
Extempore (2 minutes): Women in Entrepreneurship
Draw stress strain curve of ductile material. What are types of bridges? Why are trusses usually triangular? What purpose does a truss serve? Name some non-destructive tests. (questions about work experience, projects and role) What is BOT(Built Operate Transfer)? How is it beneficial for government? What is PPP? and Hybrid annuity? Where did Coronavirus start? Why should India be vigilant? Do you know about the road that connects Pakistan and China?
Given a puzzle: You don't know swimming and you have to cross a river. You are given mean, median and mode of various depths along the cross section. Based on what value do you take a decision? You have to choose only one of them.
Excerpt from Interview 2-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (Mechanical) 5 year integrated course, Fresher
So what are you currently doing? So, you must have seen your friends playing cricket. Would you pull the ground roller or push it? Show on the paper. Explain boiling point. Would the BP change upon going on an altitude? Talk about tolerance classifications. Have you studied graphs? Draw e^x. Define e. What's variance? Should it be mu or X bar? What's the difference between expectation and X bar? What is the difference between Bernoulli and Poisson distribution? Tell me about conditional probability. What's Bayes’ theorem? What's the probability of 20 people having different birthdays? So, do you follow current affairs? What latest things are you following? What are some conflicted religious sites around the world and India? Heard about Arab Springs? What's ISIS? How do you measure earthquakes? What's the highest Richter scale reading? Do you know about seismic plates? What are they called? How many are there? Do you know about any active volcanoes? What states are neighbours to MP? Which is the cleanest Indian city? and the second cleanest?
Extempore (1.5 minutes): Fake news
Excerpt from Interview 3-
Candidate Profile: Work Experience of 1 year
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Introduce yourself. Where are you posted right now? Are you in sales or service? What does service include in a company considering your job role? (Asked 2 scenario-based questions related to candidate’s work profile). Draw a graph of log x. Now integrate log x. Differentiate log x. Draw graph of 1/x. Do you know the technique of line balancing in an assembly line. Take an example and explain balanced and unbalanced line. Make 3 boxes and take 3 stations. Explain De Morgan's theorem using example.
Extempore: Delhi pollution due to stubble burning in neighbouring states.
Excerpt from Interview 4-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech, Fresher
Tell me something about yourself. Tell me the difference between IT and CSE. Have you studied data mining? Tell me 4 instruments of data mining. Write a code for a traffic light. What is the difference between cloud and grid computing? What is the use of transport layer? Name all the subjects you've studied in Engineering. Who was the first Indian woman to climb Mount Everest? Who was the first Indian woman to win Olympics? Talk about the budget. What's in the budget for Software engineers? (given a Probability question and asked about economics behind tax slabs)
Extempore: Health v/s Education as a Finance Minister
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