Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (2015 - 16)

The selection process at IIM B consists of Essay Writing (WAT) followed by Personal Interview round.
Feedback – Essay Writing (WAT)
Average Duration: 20 mins
Word Limit: 250-300 words
  • Women exercising their constitutional rights to worship in temples where they are not allowed to worship because of traditions.
  • Smart Cities and Bullet trains - too optimistic when we haven’t even met basics like infrastructure yet.
  • Free basics by Facebook can be seen as an advantage for the digital have-nots, since the current Internet penetrative in India is only 30%. However it is considered as a violation of net neutrality. How do you project the debate to go regarding this in future?
  • Reaping India's demographic dividend. Discuss and suggest some ways for need for higher education in this context.
  • Odd-even rule in Delhi: Is it effective? Should any other measures be taken to control urban pollution?
  • Modern youth is attracted to TV, internet and video games and gaining knowledge through visual intelligence. Do you think reading habits should be given up for this?
  • The recent death of a student in a University Campus again brought forefront the issue about the uneven educational playfield against the societies discriminated historically. From the perspective of social justice, suggest in what a viable and an equitable education system can be developed.
  • IMF has predicted that if female participation in India's workforce is on par with the male workforce, there can be a 27% increase in GDP. Given India's socio-economic milieu, how plausible is this idea?
  • Why indigenous products couldn't compete with international brands in consumer market?
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 20-25 mins
No. of Panelists: 3
Excerpts from Interview 1 - You have worked with a business consulting firm, what exactly did you do, Explain the concept of entropy, why is it said that entropy is increasing in the universe, How can something increase indefinitely, What is the difference between a 2-stroke & 4-stroke engine , What else do you like apart from work, academics, Questions on famous Painters, Name a female Chess champion, How many states and union territories are there in India, You are from Hyderabad, So if you travel from Hyderabad in a straight line towards west what is the port city that you would encounter first and from there if you travel through the coast to Kolkata, What all languages do you encounter, How many sons did Dasharatha have, Name them, Their respective wives, and daughters of each of them, What is your opinion on Telengana, Why do you have so much fluctuation in graduation percentages, What should RBI do to handle inflation, What is RBI, Who is the governor, When are US presidential elections due, What have you been doing for the past 10 months, What’s your tour take on Global oil prices.
Excerpts from Interview 2 - (BE-ECE 8.63, 10th 86.57, 12th -90.40) - Tell us about yourself, Tell us about your college fests, Explain your final year project, Why did you shift to Chandigarh from Jhansi? Why IIM-B? What is the role of RBI and finance ministry? Tell us about the recent happenings in China – Devaluation, How does RBI control money flows? What is the need of RBI if there is finance ministry? What is CRR? Which brand is the closest to fossil -Carter, Rado, Rolex, Tommy? Differentiate these brands on various parameters.
Excerpts from Interview 3 - (Commerce graduate with 32 months work-ex as a Financial Analyst)- What does your name mean, Tell us about your work profile and give your job role description, What is the need for a separate front/middle/back office in a hedge fund, Discuss the Barings Bank case, Take a trade's life cycle and explain the respective responsibilities of these departments, What is a P-note, Why are hedge funds not allowed / popular in India, What is short-selling, Use the example of a dummy trade to explain how it would work, What are the advantages/disadvantages of short-selling from an investor's perspective, (And also from market's perspective), What do you want to do after your MBA , If your first domain choice does not work out, then what will you do? , Where are you from, Discuss about the textile industry in your hometown, Some discussion about the industry pioneers there, Discussion on hobby, Why are the cut-offs in DU so high?
Excerpts from Interview 4 - Tell us something about your work experience and how are you different from the rest of BE candidates, What was your key learning from it, Say with an example, You had people who were reporting to you for certain period of time, How was that experience, You said you are working in titan, titan makes watches and jewellery right?, What is this business you are talking about?, Who are the major players in this business and what is the USP of titan, How did you feel when you visited Haryana or north for first time, how were the people over there, There would be lot of local manufacturers who have costing as their USP, So apart from that what is the reason that titan is getting the orders , Why do you feel everyone should travel more, What are its benefits, You have not been working for past 6 months, what are you doing these days.
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