XIMB - Interview Experiences

For admission to a top-tier MBA programme, a high score in the relevant entrance tests like CAT/ XAT is required. Following that, you'll have to go through additional screening processes before being admitted. Also, if you happen to get that much-awaited call from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar (XIMB), be ready for the next challenge. You'll need to set yourself apart from the wide group of applicants for an MBA programme by making use of your skills.

B-Schools use a strict admission process to examine if an applicant's experience and abilities are a good fit for the demanding requirements of an MBA curriculum. The selection panel considers the applicant's level of expertise in related fields, as well as their attitude, enthusiasm, and general preparedness.

About XIMB

In 1987, the government of Odisha and the Odisha Jesuit Society signed a social contract that laid the groundwork for the Xavier Institute of Management (XIM) in Bhubaneswar. XIMB has been a successful business school for thirty years, propelled by XIM University. In addition to providing management education, the institute works with governments and international organisations to carry out social and economic improvement initiatives. Through its many cutting-edge consulting initiatives, XIMB helps local entrepreneurs flourish, promotes management research, and assists the manufacturing sector as a whole.

Apart from the full-time MBA in Business Management, it offers executive and doctoral programmes.

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Selection Process at XIMB

Based on the score in XAT/ CAT / GMAT/ X-GMT, candidates are shortlisted for the Personal Interview round. This is held at centres of Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, Delhi, and Mumbai. The final admissions are decided as per the candidate’s entrance test scores, past academic records, work experience, and interview performance.

NOTE: Before covid-19, the process also included Writing Ability Test and Group Discussion.

Interviews Questions Asked at XIMB

The selected candidates are interviewed by a panel of three people, who gauge their interests, ambitions, education, and job experience. Questions regarding family history are also asked sometimes. The average interview lasts for 20-30 minutes. Here are some of the questions shared by interviewees from previous admissions:

Personal Information & Goals

● Just what do your mother and dad do?

● Who or what motivates you to succeed in life?

● You are a graduate of the year 2020; what did you do in the last two years?

● In what ways do you quiet your thoughts?

● You already have an M. Tech; what compels you to pursue an MBA?

● Our students regularly visit remote communities for segment programs; are you prepared for this?

● Using a scale from 1-10, how satisfied are you with your performance until now?

● What other calls do you have? Rate them. If you could convert all, what would be your priority order?

● What would you choose between NMIMS and XIMB, if you got an offer from both? And why?

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Academics & Work Experience

● What classes do you take?

● How well-versed are you in IoT?

● How good are you as a team leader?

● What aspect of marketing do you enjoy the most?

● How much of your engineering education do you remember?

● Having previously held positions as a site engineer and a teacher, how would you chart your course into the business world?

● Provide an explanation for your subpar performance in graduation.

● Explain the difference between resistance and impedance.

● Let's hear some of the names of car manufacturers. So, where is Kia Motors from?

● How do you determine the multiplier for a conversion?

● Brief us about your company.

● What is the dissimilarity between congruency and similarity?

● How did you go about analysing the company's situation?

● Who were the founders of Infosys?

Current Events & General Awareness

● You are from UP, could you please name the five states that border your home state?

● Please list five Indian IT firms. Provide the names of their CEOs.

● Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to which Indian Prime Minister?

● Why is Anand so well-known?

● Can you tell us your thoughts on elections taking place during the second wave of covid?

● Why is it important for cities to invest in information technology?

● Why do we still need farm laws if GST laws already exist?

● Please enlighten me about any of Delhi's historical landmarks.

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