Management Development Institute, Gurgaon (2019 - 20)

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The process of selection at MDI includes a WAT and Group Discussion, followed by a Personal Interview.
Feedback – WAT & Group Discussion
Duration: 15 minutes each
Word Limit for WAT: 150
No. of participants in GD: 8-10
  • Is decreasing defence budget and increasing social budget the need of hour for India?
  • Political activism should be allowed in the universities.
  • Are Indian organizations ready for the fourth industrial revolution?
  • Public Sector Undertaking (PSUs) should be privatized.
  • Mental illness is more common in urban areas as compared to rural areas.
Feedback – Personal Interview
No. of panelists: 2
Duration: 15-25 minutes
Excerpt from Interview 1-
Candidate Profile: Work Experience of few months in Teaching
Tell me something about yourself. What book are you reading? What's it about? So, you have a technical background. Tell me, what is technology? Is this pencil a technology? What is the difference between a technology and an invention? Do you know about PPP? How is it better than just public or just private? Give me 3 advantages of PPP. Can you tell me any 3 examples? Are you nervous? What 3 things, is Lucknow famous for? What was the nature of your job in school? Tell me your experience. How'd you teach them English? Say I am a student. Give me some tips. Why did you leave your job? Why do you want to go in corporate job? Who was A. P. J. Abdul Kalam? Tell me his 3 major contributions. What qualities would you like in your spouse? But if you both are ambitious, who'd run the household?
Excerpt from Interview 2-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech, Fresher
Introduce yourself. Why do protests don't happen in colleges like IITs, IIMs, and private colleges but they usually do at the State colleges? Why MBA? Then why don't you do a film course? MX Player has content that is free to watch whereas Netflix charges. What is their revenue model? Name some other platforms like this. GOT is of which company? What do you think of our economy? Are you sure of the growth rate? What is the projected growth rate in the budget? Why do they want to decrease the fiscal deficit? What is the difference between bit rate and baud rate?
Excerpt from Interview 3-
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Candidate Profile: B.A. (Hons.) Economics, Fresher
Introduce yourself. What all calls do you have? So, if you get selected in all, then on which parameters will you decide? How will you choose based on these parameters? Isn't placement a factor? Which is better - mean or median? In which parameter will MDI be behind IIM K? What is economics? What is an economy? What is Money Multiplier? What if CRR is 0? And if SLR is also 0? What will be the liquidity in this case? What is liquidity? What are M0, M1, M2, M3? What is a liquidity trap? Draw it. What will happen in monetary expansion? What will be AS curve in this case? What will happen in liquidity trap in this case? (some cross questioning) What is law of demand? What does your family members do? So, if someone comes to buy a badminton racquet in your shop, how much will it cost? Suppose someone buys one Yonex badminton racquet, how much will it cost? Take any price say the cheapest one. And if someone buys 10 raquets. In that case, will you charge more or less?
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