Management Development Institute, Gurgaon (2018 - 19)

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The process of selection at MDI includes a WAT, Group Discussion followed by a Personal Interview.
Feedback – WAT and Group Discussion
Duration: 15 minutes for each
GD and WAT are on the same topic.
No. of participants in GD: 10-12
Word Limit for WAT: 150
  • Ayushman Bharat
  • Sabarimala - a progressive step or threat to religion
  • One India, One election: pros and cons
  • Government has decided to give yearly 6000 to farmers in this new budget. Is it actually something good or just a political gimmick?
  • Coalition Government: Is it a threat to the citizens of the country?
  • E-Learning can substitute classroom learning.
  • Role of women in society
  • Spending time is more important than spending money on children
  • Should agricultural subsidies be stopped?
Feedback – Personal Interview
No. of panelists: 2
Duration: 15-20 minutes
Excerpt from Interview 1-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (CSE), Fresher
Tell us about yourself. Why MBA? Why MDI? Do you read newspapers? Tell us about some current happenings in the country. So, what are your favourite subjects? (some questions from academic subjects) Tell us about your extra-curriculars in college. Do you have other calls? Any questions from us?
Excerpt from Interview 2-
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Candidate Profile: B.Tech (CSE), Work Experience at Tata
Tell me about yourself. So, you are a computer science engineer. Tell me something about DNS? Tell me the difference between DoH and DoT. Okay, your hobby is photography. What kind of photography do you prefer? So, where do you click these photographs? Tell me something about them. What is Mamata doing to bring more member of her party to the Parliament? Okay, tell me what is Mamata doing, in general? How you do decide whom to vote? These newspaper reports are incorrect. They are manipulated by these parties for the upcoming elections. Any other sources? Tell me some business news. What has SBI done to reduce the NPA problem? Do you know what NPA problem is? So, the government is providing a lot of subsidies to farmers. This is causing the NPA problem, right? Who are subprime customers? So, IL&FS is a banking company? What other calls do you have?
Excerpt from Interview 3-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (CSE), Work Experience
Introduce yourself. Tell us about your hometown. Why is there a word ‘science’ in computer science engineering? Who is better- an engineer or a manager? Tell me about your work profile. So, what has your experience taught you? (some questions regarding candidate’s workplace) Why MBA? What are your long-term career plans? Do you have any questions for us?
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