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Getting into a top-ranked business school requires doing well in the entrance exams like CAT. And if you anticipate receiving an invitation from a reputed B-school like Management Development Institute (MDI) after achieving a great score in CAT, begin preparing for the final selection rounds. At this juncture, you will have to compete against people who are intellectually and professionally equivalent to you.
The objective of the MBA/ PGDM admissions procedure is to make sure that only the most qualified and smartest candidates are accepted. The panel uses a set of tests and assessments to discern if the applicants have the skills and background knowledge necessary to succeed in the management school.
About MDI
In 1973, the Management Development Institute (MDI) was established as an independent entity with the cooperation of the KFW, West Germany, and the involvement of the IFCI (Industrial Finance Corporation of India). As one of the first management schools in India, MDI Gurgaon has a rich history. The Institute has been recognised around the world, owing to its accreditation from organisations like the AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business) in the US, the Association of MBAs in the United Kingdom, and the SAQS (South Asian Quality Assurance Systems).
In 2014, Murshidabad became home to a second MDI campus. Apart from its flagship PGDM programme, MDI offers PGDM (Human Resource Management), and PGDM (International Business), as well as executive and online programmes in management.
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Selection Process at MDI
Candidates are narrowed down for the next selection rounds based on their CAT/ GMAT scores and the information provided in their application. Those that make the cut are invited to participate in a Personal Interview round held at Bangalore, Gurugram, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Mumbai. The final admission list is based on the candidate’s CAT/ GMAT score, PI performance, past academic merit, academic diversity, job experience of the candidate pool, and social diversity. MDI Gurgaon has a higher merit list and cut-offs than the Murshidabad campus.
Before covid scenario, GD (group discussion) and WAT (written ability test) also formed part of the selection process.
Questions Asked in MDI Interviews
Candidates are asked a series of questions on their education, employment history, and general knowledge by a panel of two experts. They may also be inquired about their family background and hometown. On average, each interview goes on for 25 minutes. Here are some of the previous interview questions shared by candidates from MDI Gurgaon and MDI Murshidabad:
Academics & Work Experience
  • Tell me about the initiatives your organisation is working on right now.
  • Tell me about your time at Grofers. When did you decide to leave, and why? How will Blinkit benefit from Zomato?
  • What is SEO?
  • When comparing Big Data and the Internet of Things, what are the main distinctions?
  • What is a unicorn startup? What do you think of the prospect of starting your own company?
  • So, how can we apply probability theory to the world of banking and finance?
  • When comparing Electronics with Electrical Engineering, what are the key differences?
  • Explain GSM. Where do CDMA and GSM diverge?
  • Define regression. What are the methods for determining the significance level (p-value)?
  • Which is the difference between technology and invention?
  • When referring to data transmission, what is the distinction between the bit rate and the baud rate?
  • What is a liquidity trap? Can you draw it?
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Personality Traits & Goals
  • A decade from now, what do you wish to have accomplished in life?
  • Describe your father's business strategy.
  • What other calls do you have? Where was your first interview? How was it? What did you discuss in that interview?
Current Events & General Awareness
  • How will the hike in interest rates affect companies?
  • Please give us your honest opinion on the state of our economy.
  • Have you heard of RBI?
  • Where exactly is Murshidabad?
  • Compared to Mumbai and Delhi, what makes Kolkata special? To what extent do you think West Bengal's economy is doing well?
  • How many people serve in the Delhi legislature? How many seats does the majority party have?
  • What is the name of the current Rajya Sabha Chairperson?
  • Please name the top three industries hit hardest by Covid.
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