Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi (2020-21)

The selection process at FMS consists of a Group Discussion, followed by a Personal Interview (includes an extempore).
Extempore topics:
Duration: 1 minute
Topic: Whatsapp and its privacy issues
Feedback - Personal Interview
Duration: 8-15 minutes
No. of Panellists: 3
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Excerpt from Interview 1
Candidate Profile: Graduate
Questions: Introduce yourself? Who is the Sports minister of India? What steps will you take improve infrastructure? What area of management are you interested in? Why FMS? What is Bernoulli’s Theorem and few related questions? What is your opinion on farm laws? There is a dip in academic results – 10th percentage and 12th percentage? Reason for this. Few questions on latest business news? What is the difference between retail and wholesale? Few questions related to current news.
Excerpt from Interview 2
Candidate Profile: Commerce graduate
Questions: Tell us something about yourself? What is the difference between Business vs entrepreneurship ? Which specialization will you opt for in MBA and why? What is marketing ? What is marketing positioning ? What is market segmentation ? What is target marketing ? Why left CA in between after clearing both groups of Inter in first attempt (There was heavy emphasis on this question as one of the interviewers was a CA). What other college options you have currently? Why should we select you? Few questions on current affairs?
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Excerpt from Interview 3
Candidate’s Profile: B.Pharma
Extempore Topic: Empathy.
(Candidate was given 30 seconds to think about and 1 minute to speak)
Questions: Tell me something that is not on your CV. What is the difference between Sympathy and empathy? Are we seeing empathy in 2nd wave of COVID, We saw it in 1st wave, can we see it in the 2nd wave. What is API?  What is a generic drug? Why are generic drugs not preferred by doctors in India? Do you think companies in India violate IP laws? Intellectual property.  There was an issue last year with US related to patents. Do you know anything about that? It was in the news, it was also discussed in the parliament?  Do you know any alumni of FMS?
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