Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi (2017 - 18)

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The process of selection at MBE/MFC consists of a Group discussion followed by personal interviews.

Feedback - Group Discussion

No. of Panelists: 3

Average Duration: 20 minutes

GD Topics:

  • Has democracy hampered India's growth?
  • Law should be an instrument for Social Change.
  • Globalization is hampering/ destroying Indian culture.
Feedback- Personal Interview

No. of Panelists: 3-4

Average Duration: 15 minutes

Excerpts from Interview 1-

Candidate Profile: : B. tech in ECE, Working in Automobile Sector from 32 months
Introduce yourself. Extempore-Think for 10-15 seconds and speak for one minute on “IPR”. In which Quality are you working? What Quality Standards you follow? Specify the number of TS Standard you follow? What is its equivalent to ISO? What is Ford’s Quality Standard? Ford ingenuously developed a Quality Standard. What is it? Name any three Social Entrepreneurs.

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Excerpts from Interview 2-

Candidate Profile: B. Tech Planning (Urban and Regional), Work exp.: 9 months
Introduce yourself to the panel. What is this degree of yours- B. Tech Planning? Why do you want to do MBA? Name any 3 international real estate firms in India. Extempore-Think for 10-15 seconds and speak for one minute on “Rural India”. You have said about the haphazard development in urban areas- How will getting an MBA help you achieve it? Which ministry looks after urban development? And which one is responsible for connectivity between two cities? Who are the Cabinet Ministers? So your degree is B. Tech Planning, do you have any subjects related to Mechanical, Civil?

Excerpts from Interview 3-

Candidate Profile: Petroleum engineering in PDPU Gandhinagar and working as plant engineer at GSFC
So you are born in Ahmedabad, did your petroleum engineering in PDPU Gandhinagar and presently work as plant engineer at GSFC,right? What is GsFC? Is it a state PSU? Extempore-Think for 10-15 seconds and speak for one minute on “Subsidy in Fertilizer sector". So what is status of food security in India? So as a policy maker what steps would you take? You mentioned leakages right so what steps would you take to curtail them? What do you do in your free time? Which games? You mentioned reading Books, which books?

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