Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (2018 - 19)

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The selection process at IIM C consists of essay writing (WAT) followed by personal interview round.
Feedback – Essay Writing (WAT)
Average Duration: 25 minutes
Word Limit: 300 words
  • Film Censorship
  • India has more public holidays as compared to other countries. How does this effect India as a developing nation?
  • Multimedia platforms provide scope for different types of expressions. Is this a positive trend? Are there any inherent dangers? What is your view?
  • Tourism is harmful in ecologically sensitive areas. How? Suggest remedies with respect to hill stations.
  • With over a billion users worldwide, mobile phones are becoming all pervasive. What will be the impact of this?
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 20-30 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2-3
Excerpt from Interview 1:
Candidate Profile: BA Hons. Economics, Fresher
So, what you were doing after graduating in May 2018, apart from MBA entrance prep. Sitting idle? No plans of working then? What was your percentile? What's a pixel? How do megapixels work? (Candidate had mentioned photography as a hobby) Coming to economics, is economics an art or a science? What are the different measures of inflation? What is the relationship between CPI and WPI? What does it show if one is high and other is low? Tell me some regression models. What is time series data? Which is better? Any pros of Time series? Why should homoscedasticity exist? What's your favorite subject? Tell me GDP and why is it not calculated through regression and why by simply addition. Will a work in progress be counted in GDP calculation? If we'll add a 90% complete machine as 0.9X. What's plan B for you? Do you know Piketty? What was his thesis in one line? How will economics help you in life? How will it help you?
Excerpt from Interview 2:
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (ECE), Fresher
Are you placed? Then why don't you work and then do an MBA? Tell the names of the last few books you have read. How will you explain Nazism to a 10 year old kid? Tell me present world instances of Nazism. How can you curb Nazism? Do you know what is MFNS? OROP (one rank one pension)? So you are an electronic student, explain FM to a 10 year old kid. How can we hear BBC in India? Can we hear sound in a vacuum? Why not? Why it needs a medium? Write the relationship between wavelength and frequency. Draw the graph of wave propagation. What are the five topmost national concerns?
Excerpt from Interview 3:
Candidate Profile: BE (Chemical), Work Experience at Tata Steel
Where are you from? Isn’t it the place that is in the news for Maoist activities? How did the government manage to reduce Naxalism? So do you think that Naxalites are justified in their actions? You have been working for 18 months, you must have some savings. How do you invest the money? (candidate was given a maths problem on a paper) Suppose I give you 100 Rs and you invest it in the bank at 6% pa interest rate, how much money will you have at the end of the year? Now you investment the same 100 Rs qt 6% pa, withdraw that money after six months and again invest the withdrawn money for 6 months at 6% pa. How much will you have at the end of the year? Now tell me what happens if n goes to infinity? How did you prepare for this interview? Tell me some current affairs. Tell me about Venezuela Crisis. Which are the neighboring countries of Venezuela? Do you watch movies? Any recent movie you watched? Do you think Uri was the first surgical strike? Then how was Bangladesh created? When did this happen? You got calls from anywhere else? You are a Chemical Engineer, what do you do in Steel Industry? Earlier they use to absorb sulphur-based impurities in water. Is this the practice even today? Explain the process. Name of the process? Name of the catalyst? How is sulphuric acid made?
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Excerpt from Interview 4:
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (Civil), Fresher
Okay, so you want to gain bird’s eye view of the industry. Here, take this sheet and draw me front and top view of the bird’s eye. You must have done engineering drawing course in your first year, right? Write an equation for this (kind of elliptical) curve. Can you differentiate it? Do you remember any incident from Mahabharata related to bird’s eye? What does bird’s eye refer to here? Do you intend to write it with same context in your career goals? Do you know of any other bird in mythology? What bird would you like to be if given a chance? If you were a bird where would you want to go? Think from bird’s point of view. Does France have less pollution? Who is the Prime Minister of France? Are you sure there are both PM and President in France? What do we call such governments which have both PM and President? So, your hobby is watching movies and TV series. What kind of movies and TV series do you watch? What languages? Which Korean? On what platform do you watch these? Among youth, who are watching these on TV and who are streaming it online? Do you want to ask something? What other calls do you have? What will you choose if you convert all of them? So, you like marketing more than finance? Tell me why do you think B (Bangalore) is called Mecca for consulting? What skills do you think a marketing, finance and consulting guy should have respectively? Don’t you think consulting guy should have the qualities you told for marketing guy? Why did you choose C over B?
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