Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (2013 - 14)

The process of selection at IIM C consists of a Written Ability Test and then Personal Interviews.
Feedback- Written Ability Test
Average Duration: 15-20 min.
Words: 250-300
No. of Panelists: 3
  • Reservation – Why? Has it achieved its objects?
  • Corporate social responsibilities- Just spending the money or finding out where it is spent.
  • Privacy Intrusion Vs Surveillance
  • A lot of bureaucrats and govt. employees are joining politics – Do you think that it is a good trend?
  • What was the objective behind reservation in India? Has it been achieved?
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 15-30 min.
No. of Panelists: 2-3
  • Excerpts From Interview 1: (A 99.09%iler in CAT and 97.4 in SNAP with B. Tech in Mechanical with academic profile as 78.5% in Graduation, 83% in 12th and 95.2% in 10th). What are the different trades of PGDM in IIM C? Tell us something special about Chandigarh? Statistics – different kinds of mean, geometric series and its sum? Problem in ailing Punjab, if any? Punjab is famous for?
  • Excerpts from Interview 2: (A 99.7%iler in CAT with B. Tech in CSE with academic profile as 80.3% in Graduation, 83.2% in 12th and 91% in 10th). Meaning of name? What is difference between Windows XP and Linux? Badminton – Indian players, Different types of shuttle cock; various controversies. Name some online ventures. What impression of the panel do you have?
  • Excerpts from Interview 3: (A 98%iler in CAT with integrated M.Sc. from chemistry with CGPA 8.0 and 77% in 12th and 83% in 10th). Why MBA? Final year project? Thermodynamics – adiabatic, carnot cycle, laws of Thermodynamics.
  • Excerpts from Interview 4: (A 99.94%iler in CAT with CGPA 8.24 in civil engineering, 88% in 12th and 95% in 10th). What is civil engineering? How do you make earthquake proof building? General questions about Indian economy, Explain GDP in detail? Explain Differentiation & Integration.
  • Excerpts from Interview 5: (A 98.98%iler in CAT with B. Tech background from UIET-PU with 24 months of work experience and academic profile as 75.79% in Graduation, 85.4% in 12th and 89.2% in 10th). What is your career goal? Introduce yourself? Why an MBA? If you are the leader of congress party then what different would you have done during election campaign? Elections – Kejriwal and his stand. Who is going to win the elections? Nuclear Plant in TN – Why is it opposed by people? What type of books do you read?.
  • Excerpts from Interview 6: (A 99.09%iler in CAT with CGPA 9.53 in Aeronautical Engineering (PEC), 94.6% in 12th, 93% in 10th). Assuming you convert A, B, C? Which will you choose and why? What do students look for in a college? What is CPR? Relation between prices of commodities and CRR. What is the function of radar in an aeroplane? Math Questions – One was a cubic equation, find the maximum and minimum value. Second was to convert the inverse of a matrix. You organize a lot of events in college? How? Any specialization on your mind. What is the real life application of information? Name 3 women alumni of IIM Calcutta and are currently leading a company?
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