Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (2008 - 09)

The process of selection at IIM C consists of Group Discussions followed by Personal Interviews.
Feedback - Group Discussion
Average Duration : 15 minutes.
No. of Panelists : 3
  • Should Indian politicians be evaluated for their political skills before nomination? If yes, how?
  • Year 2025
  • Artists must know mathematics.
  • Go Ahead. Don't wait for me.
  • MBAs do not make good business leaders.
  • We are corrupt because we are poor.
  • Only poor people are responsible for their poverty.
  • 33% Reservation for women in jobs, should it be there or not?
  • Should students recruit the faculty?
  • There should be an international men's day. Social Networking is a menace.
  • Life is a chair.
  • No man is an island.
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration : 10-12 minutes.
No. of Panelists : 3
  • Excerpts From Interview 1: Can you name 5 Arab countries? You said that you have read about Mahabharata? Who were Bhishma's brothers? Where was eastern Roman Empire? Have you heard about Byzantine Empire? Can you name some government schemes for people in rural areas? What is NREGS all about? You know where Mount Vesuvius is? You know where Pompeii is? What is Srirangapattanam famous for? Who was the British general, who killed Tippu Sultan?
  • Excerpts From Interview 2: Can we test your mathematical abilities? How would you use probability in daily life? Have you read about standard deviation and other such statistical terms? Since you like watching lawn tennis, who is better? Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal? Why do you watch lawn tennis?What do you do when you don't watch lawn tennis? What analysis have you done till date about the way the top players play? Did anybody ever tell you that you are a very analytical kind of person? So, you have also mentioned reading as your hobby?What kind of books do you read? Can you explain what Indian English Literature is? Who are your favorite authors? Which was the last one that you read?What was wrong with Arvind Adiga's “The White Tiger”?
  • Excerpts From Interview 3: Your name is Amartya, have you heard of Amartya Sen? What is the Argumentative Indian all about? Since you are from Rourkela, have you heard of the Rourkela Steel Plant? With the help of which country was the Rourkela plant started? What about the Bhilai Steel Plant? Do you know what P-Means? What is the difference between supervised and unsupervised analysis? So, you are from Orissa! If I come to Bhubaneswar, where all will you take me? Tell me something about Jagannath temple?
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