Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (2012 - 13)

The process of selection at IIM C consists of a Written Ability Test and then Personal Interviews.
Feedback - Written Ability Test
Average Duration : 20 mins.
Word Limit : 200 words
No. of  Panelists : 3
  • Give your views on book launches, social hype around books and bestselling novels.
  • Unhappy is the country which has no leaders.
  • Has the definition of heroes changed? How about heroes in India. Give your opinion.
  • Suicides in colleges are on an increase. Analyze and give comments regarding this trend. How would you act to counteract this?
  •  People are not taking care of their old. Suggest how we can save our old.
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 30 mins
No. of  Panelists : 3
A form was to be filled containing two hobbies, achievements, awards, role model and extra-curricular activities.
  • Excerpts From Interview 1: (A candidate with 99.73 CAT percentile having 10th -95.4%, 12th- 84.2% and B. Tech. Mechanical -78.64% and interest in writing and painting). How were you inspired by George Orwell? What do you write on? Are you carrying a sample of what you write? How will MBA help you in your writing skill? Why don't you apply to Oxford or Cambridge as they offer writing degree with MBA degree? What is a differential equation? What is partial derivative and absolute derivative? How is it applied in real world? What is homogeneous differential equation?
  • Excerpts From Interview 2: (A candidate with 99.94 CAT percentile with 93.16% in 10th, 82% in 12th and 73.6 % in B.E. Mech. and 6 months of work experience). What was your job profile and why did you leave it? How will a cylinder role in the absence of friction? Which newspaper do you read? What is today's news? What is significance of integration and what are its practical implications? In which field you want to do your MBA? Tell me who is the governor of your state? Tell me about his background?
  • Excerpts From Interview 3: (A candidate with 99.97 CAT percentile having 10th -92.6%, 12th- 89.4% and B. Tech. ECE -78.64% and coming from a reputed Govt. Engineering College with interest in reading). Tell us about your technical projects and specifications of components. What events you have organized in your college? Explain the irrationality of 2(1/2). If you get above 80 percentile in 2 exams then is it sure that you will get above 80 in the aggregate percentile? Should prostitution as a profession be legalized in India as in some European countries? Why an MBA, why not IAS or MS?
  • Excerpts From Interview 4: (A candidate with 99.56 CAT percentile with 94.2% in 10th, 84.2% in 12th and 78.6 % in B.E. IT and is a member of dramatics club). Which plays have you worked in? What is a plot? What is the difference between a stage and a street play? Convince us about your goal written in the form. What is social marketing? What do you know about Lance Armstrong? What are prime numbers? What is your sectional and overall percentile? What is Chandigarh's population? How many districts are there in Punjab? How about IT sector in Chandigarh? Why do people from Punjab move to Canada?
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