Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (2015 - 16)

The selection process at IIM C consists of Essay Writing (WAT) followed by Personal Interview round.
Feedback – Essay Writing (WAT)
Average Duration: 30 mins
Word Limit: 200-250 words
  • Online matchmaking industry is worth crores in India, but is unregulated. What do you think government is doing for /against it?
  • Formulate some measures and policies to curb the increasing no. of road accidents.
  • Most organizations prefer celebrities to endorse their brands. The government also seems to think similarly with their campaigns. Do you think this is justified?
  • Can a developing country afford to preserve its monuments, natural wonders, living heritage (culture, performing arts etc)? Do you think they should be preserved? Give your views.
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 30 mins
No. of Panelists: 2
Excerpts from Interview 1 - (BE ECE -8.63 CGPA, 10th – 86.57%, 12th-90.40%)-Tell me about yourself , How many times have you rehearsed this introduction, Where did you take coaching from, were you placed, What was the package, Why MBA, What are the specializations offered in IIMC, When was it formed, What other calls do you have, Should we conclude that you take uninformed decisions, How do you find the inverse of a matrix, What is the difference between co factor and sample, So you're from Punjab, what problems are Punjab facing, So if you're a manager what steps will you take to solve this problem in Punjab, How many dials are there in the watch except the main dial, Which watch company out of Carter, Rado, Rolex, Tommy is fossil close to, what's the role of RBI, What was the need of RBI, if there is ministry of finance.
Excerpts from Interview 2 - Tell us about yourself, Why MBA and not CA, What are your interests, Discussion on data structures algorithms – implementation of random function, So you have interest in science, what is inversion rate in physics, Why IIM C, What do you know about the issue related to Telengana and Bifurcation of AP, Rank the calls that you have.
Excerpts from Interview 3 - Tell us about yourself, You mentioned leadership as strength in your form, elaborate with examples, What does your team do, Explain your project, Explain how your start up is different from existing market players, Tell us what you know about a competitor that you recently acquired, Why did you acquire it, What did you get by acquiring it , Tell us what metrics are used to measure your company and how it is changing, Why do you want to do an MBA, Why not start right now, Do you remember much of math, Did you study regression and time series, Let y(t) = f (g(t), g(t-1), R) where t=some time, then how will you define R, What kind of math do you use in your work place, When is median used instead of mean, Other than median, what else can be used, If I give you 12 months sales date for a company and due to seasonality two months have high or low sales, how can I find a decent mean, What is the difference between cyclic and seasonal behavior, Do you think the media is to blame for the JNU controversy, What is the state of media nowadays.
Excerpts from Interview 4 - (CAT percentile 99.81)- What is the meaning of your surname, Tell me about yourself, Why are shifting from Chemical Engineering to working in Analytics, Are there no jobs in chemical engineering, Tell us about the work you did in Mu Sigma, Since you spoke about statistics, What is the difference between marginal probability and conditional probability, Tell us the difference between joint probability and conditional probability with examples, What is difference between parameter and variable, Tell us a measure which allows us to see how two variables move with each other, What is the range of correlation, What does positive and negative correlation mean, What do you think is the correlation of price of oil and interest rate, Tell us about your hobbies, Which district are you from, What were the problems that the district was facing till a few years ago, What were the circumstances that led to ISIS coming about at this point of time only?
Excerpts from Interview 5 - Tell us something about yourself, What do you do, Do you know about opportunity cost, If you are going for MBA today, what would your opportunity cost be, What is that you did as a treasurer, What was your approach in deciding which areas to spend money on, Why are you interested in consumer goods, So do you believe fairness is something we should promote, Would you work for a company against your principles, Should anybody compromise on their principles, What are your principles, Can you name a heroine who is campaigning against fairness creams, Tell me which brand is fair and lovely of.
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