Birla Institute of Management Technology (2011-12)

The selection process at BIMTECH consists of Essay writing, Group discussion and Personal Interview.
Feedback - Essay Writing
Average Duration : 15 mins.
Word Limit : 300
  • Your attitude determines your success.
  • Events and competitions that have played a role in your self-development.
  • Career aspirations and motive behind choosing the course.
Feedback - Group Discussion
Average Duration : 20 mins.
No. of Panelists : 2-3
No. of Participants: 10
  • Is media's emergent role as trendsetter necessary?
  • Should civil society be added in law making process?
  • FDI in retail sector
  • Should Indian Govt. use taxpayer's money to revive a bankrupt private company?
  • Reality shows- how relevant are they?
Feedback Personal Interview
Average Duration : 15 mins
No. of Panelists : 2
  • Excerpts From Interview 1 :  What do your friends think about you? Why did you choose MBA? One weakness of yours which you converted into a strength. Who is your role model and why? Any event in your life that has impacted you?
  • Excerpts From Interview 2 (A B.Tech. student with falling trend of marks and does not have work-ex) : Introduce yourself. What are your achievements? What do you want to become - a businessman or an entrepreneur? What will you choose to work for, -a big brand with lower salary or a small brand with higher package? What brands are you wearing right now?
  • Excerpts from Interview 3 (A B.Com. Fresher with 10th at 60%, 12th at 83% and 60% graduation ) :  Different situations were given on a sheet and the student was asked to interpret each of the situations. Eg. You are going from Hyderabad to Bangalore with family, you were out too late and your room was locked by someone else and you didn't get a room. What will you do? He was cross questioned on his answers.
  • Excerpts From Interview 4 (A B.Com. Graduate with 10th at 73%, 12th at 81% and 61% graduation and 9 months of work-ex as Financial analyst in a C.A. firm) : Six situations were given and he was cross questioned on answers and views on each of the situations. Give one situation where you played a leader's role? What experience have you gained? You are Patron of church, attendance gets low and the priest is closing the church- what might be the possible problems? You are the captain of a cricket team and have only 10% winning chances. Devise a strategy to win.
  • Excerpts From Interview 5 (A B.A. Graduate with declining academics and no work-ex) : Which newspaper do you read? What kind of News do you like to read? Tell us about FDI and NCTC? What would you like to be for a day? (Rattan Tata) Why Rattan Tata? Tell us about the JLR deal? Why did Nano fail?
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