Birla Institute of Management Technology (2010-11)

The selection process at BIMTECH consist of Essay writing, a Group discussion and a Personal Interview.
Feedback - Essay Writing
Average Duration:20 mins
Word Limit: 500
  • UN – peace keeping or not
  • Censorship is sometimes justified
  • Is India a really secular country?
  • Nuclear Energy boon or bane
Feedback - Group Discussion
Average Duration: 20mins
No of participants: 16
Panelists: 2
  • TV makes watchers not doers
  • Role of IT in agriculture process
  • Red Dragon verses Striped Tiger
  • To be or not to be
  • Red v/s Green
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 15 mins
No. of Panelists: 2
  • Excerpts From Interview 1 : Why MBA, Why Bimtech?Tell us about your strengths. If you are the agricultural minister what benefits you will provide to the farmers and why? (Father is farmer that's why this question was asked). Do you think the concept of open mandi is good or not? Tell some of the instances which show that “confidence” is your strength.Why should we select you?
  • Excerpts From Interview 2 : Introduce yourself and tell us something about your family background.It looks like as if you have crammed your introduction What if we don't provide you with campus placement, will you join or not? What kind of business you will start if given a chance? Tell about your hobbies?(candidate's reply-reading holy books).Why priests keep pony tail? Contribution of Chankaya to Indian history. Which dynasty did he establish?
  • Excerpts From Interview 3 : How many other B- School forms have you filled and what will be the payment order? Do you read books? Which type of books do you read?(answer novels)Tell the script writer of any novel you read and summary of that novel. Why MBA, why not M.Tech? Give 3 reasons why we should not select you? Do you want to be a small fish in big pool or big fish in small pool?(answer big fish in small pond) Don't you think small fish in big pool is better, because that company is known to everyone? What matters to you more - designation or money? Describe yourself in just 3 words?
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