Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, (2021– 22)

The fourth IIM to be established in India, IIM Lucknow officially holds the status of being the ‘Institution of National Importance’.It ranks among the top 10 B-schools of India. IIM-L offers PGP in Management, PGP in Agribusiness Management, and PGP in Sustainable Management. The institute considers the CAT percentile for PGP admissions. The final selection is made as per the composite score made up of CAT scores, academic profile, diversity factor, work experience, and interview performance.
Selection Process
The admission process at IIM-L is carried out in the following sequence:
  • Shortlisting (based on CAT score and overall profile)
  • Personal Interview
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Interview Experiences
A panel of two members questioned the candidates on their academic background, work experiences, general awareness, and course preferences. Some candidates were also asked to describe things about their hometown and family background. Each interview lasted for 10-15 minutes on average. Glance through the interview experiences of five candidates at IIM-L:
Interview 1:
Background: B.Com (Hons), Work Ex of 5 monthsat Deloitte
  • Are you joining from NCR?
  • What are you currently doing?
  • So, tell us about yourself?
  • Why do you want to do MBA? Why IIM-L?
  • Tell us about yourfamily, education, and professional background.
  • How many months of workexperience do you have? Why did you leave your company in just 5 months?
  • What were your subjects in graduation?
  • Are you comfortable with maths? Then, how will you manage subjects at B-school?
  • Is pi an irrational number?
  • What are the values of log 0 and log 1?
  • Do you have knowledge of economics? Draw demand curve for potatoes.
  • You have mentioned in the form that you like marketing, but your present role is in a different area, why?
  • What do you do in ad analysis?
  • Which domain would you choose after MBA?
The candidate was asked detailed questions on his family background, including elaborating on the professions of his family members.
Interview 2:
Background:B.Tech (Mechanical), Fresher
  • Tell us about yourself.
  • What is the second law of kinematics?
  • What is the difference between commerce and business?
  • What is logistics?
  • What is inflation rate? What is the difference between real and nominal interest rates?
  • What is the second law of thermodynamics?
  • Which management-related subject have you studied? And when did you study it?
  • Have you studied about operations research?
  • Do you know how to solve linear programming problems?
  • What is the transportation model?
Interview 3:
Background:B.Tech (CSE), Work Ex of 16 months
CAT Percentile: 99.94
  • Why do you look tired?So, how did your IIM-K interview go?If selected, will you choose K or L? Why? What other calls do you have? So, you will ditch L for ABC?
  • Where are you currently based?How much property do you own?How is the dowry culture in your area? How much will you take?
  • What have you prepared for the interview?
  • So, how much is 0!? Prove me that 0! is 1.
  • Is pi a rational number? What is a rational number? What is pi?Is 1/3 a rational number?
  • Which specialization do you prefer?
  • Are you aware of the Russia-Ukraine crisis? Why is Putin doing this?
  • Tell us about the unique things about your hometown.
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Interview 4:
  • Show me any identity card. Which ministry issues passports?What is written on the first page? What is meant by ‘Republic’ in ‘Republic of India’?
  • How many states have you been? What is cultural difference between North and South India? What is the cultural difference betweenWest Bengal and Orissa? How is Hyderabadi Biryani different from Kolkata Biryani?
  • What other IIM calls do you have?When was your IIM-B interview? What is the significance of 14th Feb? So, how was that interview?
  • How good are you at mathematics?What is Taxicab number? What is X^0? How will you explain or prove ‘X^0=1’ to a class 6thchild?
Interview 5:
Background:B.Tech, Working Professional
  • Why is your VARC percentileless compared to other sections?
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Tell me about your job role.
  • Which subjects have you prepared for thisinterview?
  • What is regression? Can you tell me about different types of regression?
  • What is matrix? Can youcalculate the inverse of a matrix of order 2X3?After multiplying matrixes of order (2X3) and (3X4), what would be the order?
  • What would be the differentiation of e^x?
  • Can you elaborate on the Ukraine-Russia situation?
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