Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Delhi (2019 - 20)

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The process of selection at LBS consists of a Group Discussion, Written Ability Test (WAT) followed by a Personal Interview.
Feedback – Group Discussion & Written Ability Test (WAT)
GD and WAT are on the same topic.
No. of participants: 10
Duration: 10 minutes each
  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyan: Attitude towards the movement is more important than the movement itself.
  • Is globalization endangering culture?
  • One Nation One Election
  • India's demographic dividend is underutilized.
Feedback - Personal Interview
Duration: 8-10 minutes
No. of panelist: 2-3
Excerpt from Interview 1-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech, Work Experience of few months
Briefly introduce yourself. (some cross questioning) Why MBA? Tell us about your work profile? (specific questions on the same) Do you know about Elon Musk? What do you like about him? What subjects did you study in your last year of college? Tell us about your final semester project. Who is the governor of your State? And CM? Can you tell me about some problems that your city faces? Name the President of India. Name the RBI's Governor. (similar more GK questions) Okay, tell us about the functioning of a thermal power plant.
Excerpt from Interview 2-
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Candidate Profile: Finance background, Fresher
Introduce yourself. Why do you have an extra 'o' in your name? So, what is the law of Karma and who gave it? Quote the Shloka related to the law of Karma. What was your favorite subject in graduation? So, if I have to give you a loan or lend some money then what ratio will I be taking into consideration? What is IRR? What is the difference between a cash flow statement and a fund flow statement? What do we need a cash flow statement for? What is the use of time series graph? Any questions for us?
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