Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute of Management, Delhi

The process of selection at LBS consists of a Group Discussion followed by a Personal Interview and Extempore.
Feedback - Group Discussion
Average Duration :12 min (2 min to think and 10 min to discuss).
No. of Panelists :4
No. of Participants: 12
  • Should religion be allowed to own and influence our lives as it does?
  • Stock market is nothing but a gambling den.
  • Exploitation of female anatomy in advertisements should be banned.
  • Is the Indian claim to UN Security Council justified?
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration : 10-14 mins.
No. of Panelists : 4
Extempore was conducted during the interviews.
  • Excerpts From Interview 1 : (A 86 CAT percentiler with 10th -80%, 12th -71% and B. Tech. CSE – 60% and own business of generator manufacturing). Kindly introduce yourself. Tell us the inventors of the Google, C, C++ and JAVA. Which header file you use to extract a random number from the list? How do you find the rank of a matrix? What are the Transformers? How will you keep yourself equipped with IT industry as you are moving to MBA? Which company will you like to work with after your MBA?
  • Extempore : Artificial intelligence.
  • Excerpts From Interview 2 : (A 92.01 CAT percentiler with 10th -86%, 12th -72% and B. Tech. IT–74.7% and a work experience of 2.5 years with a reputed IT MNC). Introduce yourself. What's your job profile? How is cloud computing helping in the advancement of IT? What is skill development initiative of Indian government? What do you know Chanda Kochhar? What is reverse repo rate and repo rate? What are your hobbies? Who is Montek Singh Ahluwalia? Who is the chairman of planning commission? Who is the governor of RBI?
  • Extempore : Poverty in India
  • Excerpts From Interview 3 : (A 96.94 CAT percentiler with 10th -93.8%, 12th -94.2% and B. Com. with 78.5%). What is the market capitalization of a company? How do you make a balance sheet? What is earning per share? What is Edgeworth model? What is consumer surplus? How do you explain cardinal and ordinal utility? What is the size of the Indian GDP in both the nominal and the PPP terms? What is PPP? Tell me who is the speaker of the Lok Sabha?
  • Extempore : Should death penalty be banned?
  • Excerpts From Interview 4 : (A 93.68 CAT percentiler from Chandigarh with 10th -89.2%, 12th -90.4% and B. Com. in Economic Honors with 82.28% and experience of 1 year with E&Y) . What was your job profile? What software have you worked on? What are conflict identification accounts? What are different ratios? Which other calls you have? What is the difference between current ratio and quick ratio? Why is Chandigarh a Union Territory? How many other UTs are there in India? Name them.
  • Extempore : Reality television
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