Fore School of Management, Delhi (2019-20)

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The selection process at Fore School consists of a business awareness quiz, essay writing (WAT), and personal interview (includes extempore).
Feedback – Quiz and WAT
Business Awareness Quiz comprises of general questions related to business news, latest changes, basic management questions, etc.
Total Duration of Quiz+ WAT: 15 minutes
WAT Topics:
  • MNC: Are they devil in disguise?
  • Social media: boon or bane?
  • Are bullet trains needed in India?
Feedback – Extempore
Extempore is a part of personal interview. Candidates are required to speak for 2-3 minutes on a given topic.
  • Demonetisation
  • Leaders are made, not born.
  • Individual freedom
  • Challenges in making biggest bank of the world in India
  • Highlights of Union Budget
  • Is 5 trillion economy possible?
Feedback - Personal Interview
Duration: 10-20 minutes
No. of Panelists: 3
Excerpt from Interview 1-
Candidate Profile: Finance background
Would you like to tell us anything about yourself? What do you exactly do at your work? (some specific questions on work experience) What is GDP? And GNP? (candidate was shown a chart of NTPC and asked to explain it) In a falling economy, will the beta ratio of a stock rise or fall? What news did you read before coming here? Explain one or two other than politics. What are your hobbies? (Questions related to technical analysis on share market ,economy, investment advisory,etc.)
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In the extempore, candidate was asked to talk about 2-3 real incidents for 2-3 minutes.
Excerpt from Interview 2-
Candidate Profile: Work Experience of few months
Tell me something about yourself. Where and with whom did you do event curating internships? What did you do in your job? Why did you leave your job? If content is king, then who is the queen? What is Brexit? What is GDPR? Do you know about any major news regarding Jaipur? Why MBA? Which advertisement made you very happy? Which one you did not like? And why? Is every petty advertisements bad? Give me some examples?
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