Fore School of Management, Delhi (2020-21)

The selection process at Fore School consists of a business awareness quiz, essay writing (WAT), and personal interview (includes extempore).
Feedback – Quiz
Candidates should expect few questions related to latest Business News. The Quiz comprises of general questions related to business news, latest reforms/ policies, management questions, etc.
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Feedback - Personal Interview
Duration: 10-20 minutes
Number of Panelists: 3
Excerpt from Interview 1
Candidate Profile: Commerce Graduate
Questions: Tell us something about yourself?  Why we should select you over others
Where do you see yourself after 5/10 years? Few questions related to recent Business news. Which specialization do you intend to pursue and why?
Excerpt from Interview 2
Candidate Profile: Graduate
Number of Panelists: 3
Duration- 15- 20 Minutes
Questions: For the past 2 years, you're pursuing UPSC exam. Give a coherent picture of who you are and what you want to accomplish in life. There has to be consistency. Obviously, you're a brilliant student so you don't need to tell us that but we are confused about what you seem to be pursuing. You have studied Chemistry, then next 2 years you devote for UPSC preparation but now you want to study management? Explain this shift? Sorry to interrupt but why at one level there is a great level of flexibility like switching from chemistry to management? Explain to us the reason behind these thoughts? So how are these conflicting thoughts coming to you? So, you're saying that you have grown significantly as a person from 1st attempt to your 2nd attempt?
Excerpt from Interview 3
Candidate Profile: Graduate
Number of Panelists: 3
Duration- 15- 20 Minutes
Questions: Name a leader who motivates you? Name three business leaders from whom you seek inspiration and are your role models?.Okay. Are you aware of their background? Elaborate on the point that successful business leaders are also academically bright. These leaders come from a business community and in UPSC you wanted to do something for social aspects. Then, howcome you have not mentioned leaders who are working to manage the social issues or who are in politics. Your opinion on Farmer’s Protest? Explain the controversy?  By protection you mean MSP? In your opinion the government should engage with the stakeholders? The panellist gives a case where the government is deciding personal tax then should it ask each one of us as to how much tax should be there? Give us your views  whether the agricultural income should be taxed or not?
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Excerpt from Interview 4
Candidate Profile: Graduate
Number of Panelists: 3
Duration- 15- 20 Minutes
Questions: At the age of 50, where do you see yourself? What are your aspirations? Given your background convince us that management is the career you're suited for. As a Class Representative, what were your achievements as you were at a leadership position? Explain the difference between the first and third battle of Panipat? Could you give us more information regarding any other common feature in these 3 battles? The candidate had mentioned that she wanted to create an impact on society at large. Do you have any specific industry in mind where you want to go? Tell us the reason for the 2008-09 economic crisis?  Why did they lend to sub-prime borrowers? Okay, anything you want to ask us?
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