Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur (2014 - 15)

The process of selection at IIT Kharagpur consists of a Group Discussion on Case Study followed by Personal Interview.
Feedback- Group Discussion with case study
Average Duration : 10-15 minutes.
No. of Panelists : 4 (3 evaluators + 1 student moderator)
No. of Participants : 10
  • Related to a person named Mary and her boss Jack. Mary has to do market research and come up with list of companies for selection of accounting software. However the existing payroll service is being provided by XYZ company which is not shortlisted by Mary. The president of this company is a friend of Jack. Jack influences Mary's decision and contract is awarded to XYZ .3 questions given at the end to discuss.
  • A case based on findings of pesticides and insecticides in the coca cola drinks, problems like unavailability of ground water for communities living around cola plants, levels of high cadmium (carcinogenic) in ground water near its plants resulting in negative publicity by media and the brand taking a financial hit. Should the brand be held accountable for the problems or is it attracting negative attention because it is a big brand?
  • Related to a person named John who was working as contract employee in UK and who was about to lose his benefits in job?
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration : 10-15 minutes.
No. of Panelists : 3
  • Excerpts From Interview 1 : What does your name mean? Tell me about yourself and why MBA? What other calls you have? Gives me an equation m=p1x1+p2x2. Asks me to plot the graph asks about slope Tell me the equation of slope and what does it signify practically. Suppose you have to design an email system what would you require. What is server? What is its physical significance?
  • Excerpts From Interview 2 : Tell us about yourself. Tell us about your hobbies. Which shows you watch? Which other calls you have? Why are your marks constantly decreasing? Were you following Toyota UCC? Which team were you supporting?
  • Excerpts from Interview 3 : Tell me about your work experience. Tell me what you do in testing and how do you automate the test cases. Which new feature can you add in IRCTC? How does client give his requirements for Software Development? about the uses of synchronous motor What are your hobbies? Asked about different calls and discussed why people are reluctant to join new IIMs for established colleges?
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