Delhi University

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The process of selection at DU consists of a Group discussion, followed by personal interview (including an extempore).
Feedback - Group Discussion
Duration: 2 minute to think, 10 minutes discussion
No. of Participants: 5-10
  • Should national anthem be played in theatres?
Feedback - Personal Interview
An extempore topic is given to the candidate during the interview. The topic is based on the interest area of candidate.
Excerpt from Interview 1-
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Candidate Profile: B.Tech (CSE), Freelancer
Introduce yourself. So, what are your strengths and weaknesses? Elaborate with examples. Why MBA? (some HR questions were asked) Tell us about your freelancing work. (candidate did freelancing in python) What is IoT? So, tell us about AI? (many questions on IoT and AI) So, what are your future plans? What do you want to do after MBA? Do you have any questions for us?
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