New IIMs- Common Admission Process (CAP) (2017 - 18)

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The selection process (CAP) for new IIMs consists of Essay Writing (WAT) followed by Personal Interview.
Feedback – Essay Writing (WAT)
Average Duration: 20 minutes
Word Limit: 300 words
  • Modern lifestyle is generating a lot of waste. Suggest waste disposal techniques. What can the citizens do?
  • Ways to control pollution in Delhi.
  • Why have women kept quiet for so long? What effects will this movement have?
  • Padmaavat
  • Harms of increasing trend of social media. Suggest solutions.
  • People do not verify the validity of information before posting opinions, facts, etc on social media. What problems can this lead to? Suggest steps to improve this situation. Give examples.
  • Mob censorship challenges artistic freedom and rights of creative people. Should a writer be allowed to express his / her views, even if they oppose views of some individuals or groups? Give your views with examples.
  • With the advent of photography techniques do you think natural zoo's can be replace by virtual zoo's? What are the impacts on zoo's if such thing happens?
  • Why is India called the land of festivals? What is the significance of festivals in Indian society?
  • Firecracker ban in Delhi during Diwali by Supreme Court to reduce particulate matter levels has met with lot of praise and criticism throughout country. What steps would you take to reduce the pollution in Delhi?
  • Causes, consequences and solutions for Global Warming.
Feedback - Personal Interview
Average Duration: 10-15 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2-7
Excerpt from Interview 1-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (CSE) with work experience
Where is IIM Kashipur? (The candidate belongs to Uttarakhand) What all technologies have you used for data analysis? What data analysis formally taught? What is CDMA? Where is Jim Corbett National Park and when was it founded? Tell me about your hobbies? Tell us five things about Sikhism? Which IIM would you want to join? (Some questions related to work experience were asked)
Extempore (2 minutes) - Do you know about green marketing and climate change?
Excerpt from Interview 2-
Candidate Profile: Fresher, Commerce graduate
What all subjects have you studied during under graduation? What are the functions of HR? Tell me about different types of interviews? How can we check the efficiency of our recruitment process? Tell me the 4 P's and 7 P's of marketing? Have you studied Taxation? (The panel gave a situation based on it and then cross-questioned) How is the president of India elected? Name the seven sisters with capital? Have you read about any major news in past six months? What is it? How will it impact firms and consumers? (Again gave a situation and cross-questioned on it).
Extempore (2 minutes) - The panel asked the candidate to speak on any topic of his choice.
Excerpt from Interview 3-
Candidate Profile: Fresher, B.Tech (Chemical)
So, what have you been doing all this time? Are you placed? Why do you think Indian IT sector is facing a downturn? What do you know about Indian economic slowdown? According to you, what is the main highlight of Indian budget? How do you think government is going to generate so much money for this scheme? What is a venture? What is Cp/Cv ratio? What are your hobbies? How many places have you been? So, which place do you want to visit again? Which is the government in Maharashtra? Name the Chief Minister of Maharashtra? So, which of the new IIMs is closest to your place? Which IIM would you prefer to go to? (The candidate talked about TedX) Which other new IIMs conduct Ted X?
 (No extempore)
Excerpt from Interview 4-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (CSE) with work experience
Tell me something that makes you unique? (Questions were asked on candidate’s hobby- sketching) What is special about Mona Lisa? What are different types of paintings? What do you learn from sketching? Tell me something about your native place. Name two important railway junctions of North India and South India? Tell me how CSE is relevant in robotics? What is humanoid? What creative feature will you add in your rover to Mars?
Extempore (2 minutes) - Painting is nothing but a pause.
Excerpt from Interview 5-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (CSE) with work experience
Tell me about yourself. Does your company support work or R&D? You have a work experience of 7 months. What have you learnt in your job? What are the advantages and disadvantages in a team? You have a work experience of less than a year. What will you do specially to fit in? Have you spoken to anyone who has done an MBA in IIM? What advice did they give you? How is it useful? Have you checked the website? What will IIMs teach? Does every IIM have same course? What other calls have you got? What is the order of your choice? and on what parameters? Doesn’t fee play a role in your choice? What is it that you mentioned under national in extracurricular activities? Do you have reservation? What is fuzzy logic? What is the difference between optical fibres and copper cables? Why are they preferred? Who is the father of fuzzy logic? You are from a State University. What is the difference between State and deemed universities? What is the difference between State and Central universities? Name some Central Universities. What are the advantages and disadvantages of State and Central Universities? What will u choose? and why? Write these two linear equations in matrix form.
Excerpt from Interview 6-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (Mechanical) with work experience
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What is the harm in working at a family tea shop? What were your job responsibilities? If you are a mechanical engineer and working in IT, then you must be working on a low level job? Why MBA? If you want to become an entrepreneur why did you come for an MBA? What is the Nestle cereal debacle? What is the name of the firm from which Indian MBA curriculum has been derived from?
Extempore (2 minutes): Child Labour, Other options for extempore topics: Capital Punishment, Big girls don’t cry.
Excerpt from Interview 7-
Candidate Profile: Fresher, Science graduate
Why MBA after science? Name Indian FMCG companies? Give some reactions of organic chemistry? What is substitution and elimination reaction? Give example. What is delocalidation? Tell me about benzene? Draw graph of log. What is rational number? What is irrational number? Pi is also used as 22/7 so is it a rational or irrational number? What is a whole number? Is 2.5 a whole number? What's natural number? What is harmonic mean? What is arithmetic and geometric mean? What have you read about Greek mythology?
Extempore (2 minutes) - Reason why startups fail?
Excerpt from Interview 8-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech (Civil) with work experience
Where are you working right now? Well, you seem to have good experience in market research. I see you have done your graduation in civil engineering. Why the dramatic shift in career? What variables you used and how did you forecast? What is the difference between Correlation and Regression analysis? Any extracurricular activities you did? Who is the President of India?
Extempore (2 minutes) - Managers know that they should not be myopic or shortsighted in their decisions and should have long term vision. Yet they end up being myopic in their decision. What do you think of it and explain why?
Excerpt from Interview 9-
Candidate Profile: Fresher, B.Tech (Electrical)
So you are also an electrical engineer. Why do all engineers want to do MBA only? Tell us something about yourself. What did you learn from your event managerial experience? If you have to work with an arrogant person, how will you handle it? (Questions asked from technical subjects) What is alternator and generator? Do you about fermi level? What is difference between Dc and Ac transmission? In which countries is HVDC transmission used?
Extempore (2 minutes) - Supreme Court order on playing national anthem in cinema halls.
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