Indian Institute of Management Tiruchirappali

The selection process at the 6 new IIM's consists of Essay Writing followed by Personal Interviews.
Feedback - Essay Writing
Average Duration : 25 mins.
  • Give opinion whether Right to Education is sufficient for the development of education in India?
  • College students should join politics rather than criticizing it.
  • Lack of educational opportunities in India.
  • Demand for new states, is it justifiable?
  • Frugal Engineering in Smartphone/Tablet markets in India
Feedback Personal Interview
Average Duration : 20-25 mins.
No. of Panelists : 2
  • Excerpts From Interview 1 : (Candidate with 96 percentile in CAT with 10th -89.4%, 12th- 71.4% and Engineering-69% and placement in Biocon and interest in sketching). Describe yourself in four sentences. What is biology? What is technology? What is biotechnology? Give me example of Biology + Technology? ( Fermentation) How does it take place? What does Biocon do? Who is CEO of Biocon? Who is Railway's minister? What else you do apart from studies? Sketch the face of the panelist. Describe in one sentence- Why you want to do MBA? Explain in detail the concept of oncology. What is rusting and how does it take place?
  • Excerpts From Interview 2 : (A B.Tech. IT student with 97 percentile in CAT and 10th -90.5%, 12th -86.6% and B. Tech. - 75.7%). Introduce yourself in four lines. Talk about the best of the extracurricular activities that you participated in during your college days? What is a rural area? Which company is making Akash tablets and at what price? Should it be given to rural areas? Should women work in the corporate sector? How will you use IT in rural area? What is open server technology? Which phone you use and on what technology it works?
  • Excerpts From Interview 3 : (A 98.36 CAT percentiler with 10th -86%, 12th-80% and B.Tech CSE-82%). Describe yourself in three words. Why you did not join any company after you completed your graduation? Which one is your favorite subject? Which model is used mostly by IT companies? Tell us about the applications of Computer Graphics? What is data mart? What is the difference between science and technology? Do you get angry and shout at people sometimes?
  • Excerpts From Interview 4 : (A 97.97 CAT percentiler, B.Tech. CSE student with 10th -89%, 12th-86% and Engineering-76.5%). Tell us something about yourself. Is there anything specific you have prepared? What is Octroi, VAT, Custom duty, Excise duty? Tell us the difference between any two Operating Systems? What is the difference between analog and digital signals? Who is the chairman of the planning commission of India? How many states are there in India? And how many union Territories?
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