Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship (2018 - 19)

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The process of selection at XIME consists of Written Ability Test (WAT), Group Discussion followed by Personal Interview.
Feedback - Group Discussion and WAT
Same topic is given for GD and WAT.
Duration: 7-8 minutes for GD, 5-7 minutes for WAT

No. of Participants: 10-12

  • B-schools admitting those only with work experience. Share your views.
  • Corruption is something which keeps the economy running. It is impossible to eradicate it.
  • CSR should be decided by corporate itself or not?
  • Sittwe Port 
  • Kaladan operation
  • Women are better managers than men
  • Digital India - still a dream
Feedback - Personal Interview
Duration: 10-20 minutes
Excerpt from Interview 1-
Candidate Profile: BBM, Work experience in teaching
Introduce yourself. (some cross questioning) If you are to write a book on human resources to the people who are very lazy but have the competency, what points will you include? (some questions from academic subjects) Tell us about your job. So, how did teaching helped you grow and increase your knowledge? (candidate’s opinion asked on situations in his work) So, which specialization do you opt for? And why? Illustrate a situation from your life which shows you are creative and innovative. Do you have any siblings? What do they do? Which campus do you want to opt for?
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Excerpt from Interview 2-
Candidate Profile: B.Tech, Worked as Data Research Analyst
Tell me about yourself. What is your work profile? What do you understand by the quote “Data is the New Oil”, “Hub Economy” etc. (some specific questions asked on work profile) Why do you want to do MBA? Given your background, how and why will it be beneficial? What specialisation do you want to take? Do you have any questions for us?
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