Christ University (2019-20)

The selection process at CHRIST University consists of a Micro Presentation (Extempore)/Group Discussion, Written Assessment, and a Personal Interview (includes a Verbal Assessment).
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Feedback - Micro Presentation/Group Discussion (GD)
Micro Presentation (Extempore): For micro presentation round, candidates were required to prepare on a topic of their choice from the list of 75 topics uploaded on the university website. Some of the topics were:
  • Climate change
  • Is freedom of press important?
  • Is corruption a necessary evil?
  • Jet Airways crisis
A complete list of topics can be accessed from the given link: Micro Presentation Topics 2020
Each candidate was given 90 seconds to speak on the chosen topic.
Group Discussion: A group of 6-8 candidates were given 35 minutes to discuss on a given Micro Presentation topic.
Feedback - Written Assessment
Word Limit: one A4 size sheet
Time Limit: 10 minutes
Candidates were asked to write on a particular topic, based on a current event or a general issue.
Feedback - Personal Interview
Duration: 10-15 minutes
No. of Panelists: 2
Excerpt from Interview 1-
Candidate Profile: B.Com, Fresher
Introduce yourself. So, what major subjects did you study in graduation? What is breakeven point? What are the golden rules of accounting? (a few questions asked on cost accounting) Tell me about one latest news. What are your strengths? Tell us one thing you'd like to improve about yourself. And how will you do it? What are your hobbies?
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Excerpt from Interview 2-
Candidate Profile: Work experience of 1.5 years
Tell us about yourself. Explain your job role. What is CSR? (some more questions on the same) What is meant by golden shakehand? Who is the current HRD minister of India? What is the population of your city? And of India? What are your long-term career goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now? Anything you want to know from us?
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