SAP - IIMs Interview Experiences

If you want to get into upper echelon business school, you firstly need to do well in the MBA entrance tests like CAT. After you have crossed this initial stage, you will be invited to continue on to the succeeding rounds. So, you should prep up while you wait to hear back from prestigious new IIMs and be called for the SAP. From here, you will be engaging with people who have different educational backgrounds and work histories, but are equally qualified for MBA admissions.

To get selected by the admission panel, you will need to put forward the best version of yourself. Review processes at business schools are designed to identify candidates who would thrive in the rigorous academic and professional environment of MBA curriculum. The admissions committee considers the applicant's knowledge, attitude, and performance.

About SAP

IIM Jammu and IIM Bodhgaya together hold a Supplementary Admission Process (SAP), whereas IIM Sirmaur holds a Supernumerary Admission Process (SAP) exclusively for female applicants. SAP serves as an additional opportunity for the aspirants who could not get selected for the CAP rounds, conducted by nine new IIMs.

All three IIMs offer a full-time MBA programme. IIM Jammu & Bodh Gaya provides an MBA in Hospital Administration & Health Care Management, and IIM Sirmaur extends an MBA in Tourism & Hospitality Management. Furthermore, management programs at these IIMs are also offered at executive and doctoral levels.

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SAP - MBA Selection Procedure

In the initial stage, MBA applicants are shortlisted for the personal interview round, on the basis of their CAT scores. Eventually, a merit list is prepared as per the CAT scores, PI performance, and overall profile of the candidates. Past academic records, work experience and diversity are some of the key factors gauged in a candidate’s profile. For detailed weightage criteria, you can refer to the official website of the related IIMs.

Before the covid-19, the selection process also included a written ability test (WAT).

SAP - MBA Interview Questions

Two panellists check the candidates' preparedness for the workforce, their understanding of relevant topics, and their aptitude in relevant areas of study. An interview takes between ten and twenty minutes on average. Here are some of the interview questions asked during SAP admissions for IIM Bodh Gaya, IIM Jammu, and IIM Sirmaur:

Personality Traits & Goals

● How do you plan on paying for your Master of Business Administration degree?

● Until 2021, what have you been up to?

● Anytime you had to take charge of a group, where did you do it?

● In what ways is an MBA beneficial following a career in engineering?

● I'm curious as to what made you decide to change your major from Science to the Arts.

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Academics & Work Experience

● What does it mean by branding?

● Have you ever heard of Guerrila Marketing?

● In light of the current trend toward organic products, do you think genetically modified (GM) crops have a future? What do you know about the problems with GMOs?

● As an internal auditor, what did you do?

● What did you major in when you went to college?

● Explain what you did and what you accomplished in that position.

● Is there a reason you aren't graduating with high marks?

● Besides games, what other kinds of programmes are built with C, C++, and Java?

● In your senior year, what did you create?

● Tell me your CAT percentile.

● How would you characterise the most significant barrier to the widespread use of electric vehicles?

● What exactly is the difference between the 220V that we get at home and the 440V that is standard in places like offices and elevators?

Current Events & General Awareness

● Can you name India's minister of tourism?

● What is the complete fullform of UNESCO? And SAARC?

● In India, is there an LGBTQ community?

● What is cryptocurrency?" Define Bitcoin. Is it a good time to invest in cryptocurrency?

● Please enlighten us about your hometown.

● How up-to-date are you on the news from the last week?

● What is the westernmost point of India?

● If you were to ask me who started Yatra, who would it be?

● Where is our President? And who is our Vice President?

Hobbies & Extra-Curriculars

● Have you ever competed at a regional, state, or national level?

● Which kind of drawingdo you do? Can you name three Indian artists?

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