Indian School of Business (2021-2022)

Indian School of Business (ISB) is one of the highest-ranked B-schools in Global MBA rankings. It offers world-class management education across its two main campuses, Hyderabad and Mohali. ISB provides Post-Graduate Programmes in Management, chiefly for working professionals. Depending upon their work experiences and preferences, students can apply for PGP, PGPpro, PGPMAX, orPGP MFAB. For admissions, the institute considers the candidate’s Statement of Purpose (SOP), GMAT/ GRE score, interview performance, and other profile-based factors.
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Selection Process
PGP ‘22 admission process followed the given order:
  • Shortlisting (based on overall profile)
  • Personal Interview
Interview Experience
A panel of two alumni interviewed the candidates, mainly on their personality traits, goals, and experiences. The interviews lasted for 25-35 minutes per candidate. Here is a detailed interviewof a candidate for admissions 2022:
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Background: Work Ex of 4 years
GMAT Score: 720
  • How did you decrease the number of complaints and increase the revenue of your surgical business?
  • What were the basic indicators of your success, and how did you maintain ethics in your business?
  • Covid has made things difficult for many industries. What do you think the shift will be like in Retail Pharmaceutical companies?
  • How was your Manufacturing experience? How did you plan on moving forward with it, and what happened to the industry? How is it impacted by covid?
  • The economy is reviving. So, why are you not planning to reopen it?
  • What are your goals? Why ISB? And how ISB will help you achieve this goal?
  • Why not join a big Pharma company and start working for them rather than do an MBA?
  • Considering your goals, how do you think ISB will add value to your profile?
  • What will the students at ISB learn from you? ISB consists of a very diverse group, so how will other students be benefitted from your experiences?
  • Coming from a business background, you don't have much teamwork experience. Then, how will you manage to be part of a team rather than being their boss or leader?
  • What are the incentives that you are willing to offer to your team members so that it helps the entire team?
  • Do you think you willbe able to cope well with the curriculum? And, how will you manage your life during ISB? Do you have any plans for it?
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