IIM Amritsar - Interview Experiences

Passing the CAT exam with flying colours is your first step towards success. After being chosen for further consideration by the esteemed Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in Amritsar, your next step is to get prepared for further selection rounds. In this stage, you need to appear in the subsequent screening rounds and compete against the most qualified candidates for MBA admissions.

The aim of the entire admission process is to check the acumen of the candidate is suitable for the course curriculum and training for related professions. The panel essentially uses the screening tools to delve into the candidates' mental clarity and career objectives.

About IIM Amritsar

Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Amritsar was established in 2015 and is the 15th IIM in line. Included among the new/ baby IIMs, it offers General MBA program, MBA in Business Analytics, MBA in Human resources, and various doctoral and executive courses. The institute's approach to education is consistent with that of the other schools in the elite IIM network.

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IIM Amritsar - Selection Process

While most of the new and baby IIMs conduct a common admission process (CAP), IIM Amritsar holds its procedure independently. There are two phases to its selection process. The first step includes shortlisting applicants for the personal interview (PI). The second phase involves evaluating applications and making a final list of those granted admission to the MBA Program.

Each applicant's qualifications for the MBA program at IIM Amritsar are evaluated based on factors, like their sectional CAT percentile, class 10th and 12th scores, graduation score, work experience, gender and academic diversity, etc. Ultimately, the aggregate score is calculated after incorporating the candidate’s interview performance.

IIM Amritsar - Interview Questions

The duration of MBA personal interviews at IIM Amritsar ranges from 20 to 25 minutes for each candidate. The candidates are questioned by a panel of two interviewers regarding their professional aspirations, previous work experiences, personality traits, and related topics. The candidates are also tested on their familiarity with recent happenings in India and the world. Take a look at the actual interview questions asked at IIM-Asr in the last few years:

Academics & Work Experience
  • You've some sort of experience in publishing, what did you do there?
  • What exactly is meant by "descriptive statistics"? Also, what about predictive statistics?
  • What's the difference between keeping your data private and ensuring it's secure?
  • What exactly is diversity? In what ways does this space feel diverse to you?
  • In just a minute and a half, please run me through your professional and personal life.
  • So, you've launched a new company. Please enlighten me about it. Which year did you begin your endeavours? Please describe some of the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome. What different ways can you employ technology in your company? What differentiates you from other businesses operating in the same market? Please tell me about the marketing mix as it applies to your company. What kind of pricing strategy did you use? If you were to start your company back up right now, what modifications would you make? In what ways will your company be able to operate in major cities as well as tier-3 cities?
  • What exactly is the connection between mathematics and analytics?
  • Which programming language do you know?
  • In your college, what exactly was the function of the women's development cell? Do you think women face discrimination in our society?
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Personality Traits & Goals
  • Why not get some experience first before getting into MBA?
  • After receiving their bachelor's degree, a significant number of engineers go on to earn their master's degree. Why don't you do so?
  • Why MBA? Why do you want to do MBA in Human Resources, and not Business Analytics? Are you getting tired of the data?
  • Who do you look up to as a role model? And why?
Current Events & General Awareness
  • Do you know which states will be holding elections in the near future?
  • Are you familiar with the partnership between Facebook and Jio?
  • How has the rise of digitalisation affected the way people shop?
  • What kind of impact will the conflict between Russia and Ukraine have on the economy of India?
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