Interview FAQ: Tackle questions related to your hobbies

The first thing you need to begin with is the definition of the word ‘hobby’. A hobby is a leisure time activity that you are passionate about. It reflects your ability to learn from areas other than academics. It is an opportunity to show a well-rounded personality and highlight personality traits like leadership, team building, etc.
One of the key challenges is to figure out how to answer this question and on quite a few occasions, you might just not feel confident to showcase the activities that are your actual hobbies.  Keep in mind the following while quoting a hobby:
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  • Activities preferably after school years- the more recent the better.
  • Common place activities like reading, watching movies, etc. which do not require working in groups or any physical activity will require rigorous validation through deep and varied knowledge about the field.
  • How it has added value and shaped your personality is to be highlighted.
  • Depth of interest to show a strong passion for the field and not just a passing interest.
  • Achievements in hobby need to be demonstrated (any awards won, participation at renowned competitions etc).
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On quite a few occasions, we under-estimate ourselves and do not feel confident about our hobbies. Remember, your objective is not to showcase your professional skills with the answer to this question. What you need to showcase is that you are a multi-dimensional personality with varied interests. Even the simplest of hobbies, like watching movies, can be justified by exhibiting your passion for the activity. Remember, hobbies are there for providing joy and mental relaxation. You should not be embarrassed or feel shy to share your true passions; the only thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to showcase your conviction for the same and exhibit that you are a passionate individual.
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