Interview Question Bank : ECE

Top 100 ECE Questions asked in MBA Interviews
  • What is the difference between TDMA and FDMA?
  • What is a 555 timer?
  • How many memory locations can be addressed by a microprocessor with 14 address lines?
  • How do you make a memory card of a mobile phone?
  • Which type of architecture does 8085 have?
  • What will be the common test case for SMS and Mp3 player applications?
  • What is the difference between a photo-diode and a solar cell?
  • Explain negative test cases for testing mobile phones.
  • What is the exact meaning of manual testing?
  • What is the significance of "4-20 mA" signal in hart protocol?
  • How do you check the mobile battery charge status?
  • Is it possible to reverse the order of a Variable Frequency drive?
  • What do you mean by "flow of electron"?
  • 6 dB pad introduces how much attenuation?
  • Why does charging batteries take a long time? What can be done to quicken the speed?
  • The current through a resistor of 50 ohms in an AC circuit at t = 0.008 s is 65% of the peak value. The smallest possible frequency of the generator delivering the current is ________.
  • Is it possible to build an AC or DC variable-speed generator with a variable field current controlled by a signal from a torque sensor connected to the shaft of the generator (i.e., net torque = 0)?
  • How is the transmission of a signal in a computer over x number of clock cycles translated into binary?
  • When recording infrasound waves or microwaves how do they differ from one another? What is the best way to read them?
  • Is it possible to reverse the order of a Variable Frequency Drive? Ex: I want to be able to create 120V power from a variable speed engine, with at least 6kw of power.
  • What are encoders and decoders? What are the uses of these two devices? Also, write about how it works with circuit diagram.
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  • Which voltage source converts chemical energy to electrical energy?
  • The removal of a non-neutral subatomic particle converts the atom into?
  • Which electronics material opposes the movement of free electrons?
  • Single-element semiconductors are characterized by atoms with how many valence electrons?
  • A diode conducts when it is forward-biased, and the anode is connected to the ________ through a limiting resistor.
  • As the forward current through a silicon diode increases, does the internal resistance increase?
  • What is the boundary between p-type material and n-type material called?
  • The bit sequence 0010 is serially entered (right-most bit first) into a 4-bit parallel out shift register that is initially clear. What are the Q outputs after two clock pulses?
  • What is a shift register that will accept a parallel input, or a bi-directional serial load and internal shift features called?
  • What is meant by parallel load of a shift register?
  • In a 6-bit Johnson counter sequence, there are a total of how many states, or bit patterns?
  • A modulus-12 ring counter requires a minimum of how many flip-flops?
  • A serial in/parallel out, 4-bit shift register initially contains all 1s. The data nibble 0111 is waiting to enter. After four clock pulses, the register contains ________.
  • A sequence of equally spaced timing pulses may be easily generated by which type of counter circuit?
  • The bit sequence 10011100 is serially entered (right-most bit first) into an 8-bit parallel out shift register that is initially clear. What are the Q outputs after four clock pulses?
  • If an 8-bit ring counter has an initial state 10111110, what is the state after the fourth clock pulse?
  • A 4-bit shift register that receives 4 bits of parallel data will shift to the ________ by ________ position(s) for each clock pulse.
  • How many clock pulses will be required to completely load serially a 5-bit shift register?
  • How is a strobe signal used when serially loading a shift register?
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  • An 8-bit serial in/serial out shift register is used with a clock frequency of 150 kHz. What is the time delay between the serial input and the Q3 output?
  • What is the difference between a ring shift counter and a Johnson shift counter?
  • What is a recirculating register?
  • When is it important to use a three-state buffer?
  • Determine the output frequency for a frequency division circuit that contains 12 flip-flops with an input clock frequency of 20.48 MHz.
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