5 Tips for Answering - 'Why MBA' Question in Interview

It is quite common to encounter 'why MBA' question in interviews of popular B-schools. While it seems a quite straightforward question, several candidates are dubious about their answers as well as their ability to present an impressive explanation. So, here we are providing you with expert tips to take on such questions.
Purpose of 'Why MBA' Question in Interview
B-school admission panel is interested in learning why you want to pursue an MBA in the first place and how your history and goals relate to the programme.
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Before you respond to "why MBA?", you must have a clear goal in mind since your career aspirations, not your need for education, serve as the reason for your will to pursue an MBA. This is because an MBA will not be really useful if you haven't decided what kind of job or profession you wish to go after or which industry fascinates you the most.
The interviewers do not want a flamboyant answer from the candidate; instead, they need to assess the authenticity of your motivations and whether your goals line up with the institution's goals. For instance, if the institute's MBA programmes are centred on job transitions, it offers a good fit for that reason if your objective is to change careers. Similarly, if the institute's culture supports and encourages networking, it would work well if you seek the same.
Common Reasons to Pursue MBA
Students take up MBA/PGDM programme for a variety of reasons. While some of these are common for all, you should ideally couple them with a personal intention or goal. Listed below are the reasons for MBA being one of the most sought-after course:
  • Networking Events, Industrial Exposure, and Internship/Training Opportunities
  • Brand value of the particular course from a top-ranked B-school
  • Great placement opportunities and broader scope of career options
  • Upskilling for career change, growth and advancements
  • Specialisation in a particular area for better productivity and progress
  • Experiential approach and practical-bent of B-school curriculum
  • MBA is a highly recognized course, offered across all parts of the world.
Tips to Answer 'Why MBA' Question in Interview
Keep the following things in mind while framing an answer for your reason to go for MBA:
  • Stay honest: Remember that the panel can always see through your lies. So, you must give a genuine response as to why do you desire to take up MBA. Even simple reasons work well, provide they are persuasive enough.
  • Keep it Succinct: In an interview, you cannot spend too much time on such questions. So, you must keep your answer brief. Lengthy answers may seem dull or unconvincing.
  • Maintain Positivity: Whether it's about learning management skills or expanding your network to aid your career growth, it's critical to demonstrate enthusiasm for what inspired you to opt for MBA. A positive outlook is a must to make things possible, especially when faced with complex situations in the corporate world.
  • Make it Personal: Your answer to "why MBA" will appear distinctive if you relate it to your personal experiences, motivations, and viewpoints. Further, you can also base it on the specific B-school or the course.
Examples of 'Why MBA' Sample Answers
Here are a few excerpts from the answers for the question 'why MBA' question in interview:
  • "I have decided to pursue the MBA programme as an impetus for changing my career from financial sector to operations management. I have always had a preference for managerial roles, and I believe that earning this prestigious MBA from your reputed institute will give me the right academic knowledge and tools for fulfilling my goals."
  • "In my current position, I collaborate with customers on strategic projects across many industries. I am an expert in operations and marketing management. However, as an analyst, I am constrained by the fact that I can only implement solutions and not contribute to developing them. I will be able to learn new skills with an MBA from your institute, enabling me to work with customers on long-term initiatives rather than one-off projects."
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    FAQs on 'Why MBA' Question in Interview
    1. Why should freshers do MBA?
    Freshers opt for MBA in order to add on their knowledge, and skills, and get better career opportunities. With an MBA degree from a reputed B-school, students bag higher salary packages and higher positions, compared to graduates.
    2. How can MBA help my career?
    If you are a working or experienced professional, an MBA/ PGDM will greatly boost your career growth, upskill you for leadership positions, and result in faster promotions and wider scope of career avenues.
    3. Which type of MBA is best?
    In case of reputed B-schools, the course curriculum of MBA programmes remains the same irrespective of its duration and mode (full-time/ part-time). You can opt for either MBA programme, depending upon your convenience and schedule.
    4. How do you introduce yourself in an MBA interview?
    Your introduction should be crisp and concise, highlighting your major personal, academic, and work experiences and achievements.
    5. Which MBA specialisation is best for freshers?
    There is no one best specialisation for freshers. As per your educational background, skills, and interests, you can go for the core specialisations (Finance, Marketing, HRM, etc.) or the modern ones (Data Analytics, Digital Marketing, IT, etc.)
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