Interview FAQ: Why do you want to pursue an MBA from this institute?

  • Why do the evaluators ask you this question? 
    This question is in two parts. First, the evaluators would like to know - why you want to pursue management? Secondly, the evaluators would like to know how much do you know about the Institute you have applied to.
  • Do's
    • Talk about your career objectives and strike relevance between the MBA program and your career objectives
    • Highlight the nature of the program and the value it will create in terms of industry readiness
    • Mention the salient strengths of the Institute, its pedagogy and how it fits with your career goals
    • Give examples of some well-known college alumni, their career progression and how the institute helped them (if you know)
    • Give examples of people from the Institute you have met (this shows that you did your homework)
  • Don'ts
    • Don’t tell the panel that an MBA is a gateway to money, power and glamour
    • Don't compare with the other Institutes
    • Don't brag about facts that you are not sure of (I believe that 50% of the class gets foreign placement)
    • Don't give blanket statements like "This is the best Institute in the country" or "I will not get in anywhere else".
    1. Interview FAQ: What should I wear to the Interview?
    2. How do I greet the Interviewer?
    3. What kind of Body Language should I use?
    4. What if I cannot answer the question being asked to me?
    5.  Do I have to ask questions at the end of the interview?
    6.  Significance of the time of the interview
    7. How should I handle myself in a "stress interview" situation?
    8. How to introduce yourself in the interview?
    9. How to handle questions based on family background?
    10. Tricky questions related to your academic performance
    11. Deal with questions based on strengths and weaknesses
    12. Tackle questions related to your hobbies
    13. State the right career objective
    14. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
    15. Tricky interview question related to MBA Admissions
    16. Which field of management would you like to specialize in?
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