Interview FAQ: How to construct the perfect answer on 'Career Objective'

One frequent question in interviews is: What are your career objectives?

Asking you this question is to assess your clarity about the career you are going to take up. In other words, your suitability (your understanding about what you are heading for, attitude, aptitude and goal etc.) vis-à-vis the institute / course is being ascertained by the interview panel.
Many students err here as well, as they are not able to relate their career goals adequately enough to their answers. Students generally ramble in their answers and are not able to accurately pin-point their career objective. On occasions, this confusion is borne out of an inherent lack of clarity about one’s goals in life. Because of this reason, it is extremely important that you think deeply about this question and nail down the correct response for the interview panel. Remember, not being clear about one’s goals and objectives reflects very poorly on you and in a way, showcases that you are ready for taking up the given course.
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How should you answer this question?
Answer the question in a manner that encompasses your academic background, and your interests, linking it to your career goals. Remember, your career goals:
a. Should have a co-relation with your academic profile. In case your academic profile does not match career goals, then you need to showcase you have done sufficient work in the field that you wish to work. This might be through internships, online courses, trainings, or projects.
b. Should showcase that you have rationally thought out your future and goals.
You need to form an answer keeping the above points in mind. Once you do that, you are ready to tackle this question head-on in the interview.
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