Interview Question Bank: Mechanical Engineering

Top 100 Mechanical Engineering Questions for MBA Interviews
  • What is Carnot cycle?
  • And what is the difference between a car and a mini bus then?
  • Did you study Fluid Mechanics?
  • Explain the basic principle of refrigeration.
  • Explain the refrigeration cycle.
  • Does more engine volume also mean more power?
  • How is one gear box different from another?
  • Tell us about the working of Petrol and Diesel Engine.
  • Give one practical application of thermodynamics.
  • What is bending moment?
  • Diff. between 4 and 2 stroke?
  • How are these processes used for combustion in engines?
  • How is horsepower different from torque?
  • Law of thermodynamics?
  • So you are a mechanical engineer. What is the difference between a mini bus and a large bus from an engineering point of view?
  • How many kinds of efficiencies are there to define the performance of engines?
  • If we open a refrigerator's door, will the temperature of the room drop?
  • Which type of transmission is better in terms of fuel efficiency: Manual or Automatic?
  • How many types of gears are there?
  • What are the three laws of thermodynamics?
  • Name a few companies manufacturing bearings.
  • What are the forces acting on a ball when it is in the air?
  • What are the Bharat III norms?
  • What are 'making capacity' and 'breaking capacity'?
  • Which are your favorite subjects? (Mechanical Engineering)
  • State the laws of thermodynamics and give equations?
  • Can you explain to me the swinging motion?
  • Have you heard of LHC (Large Hadron collider)?
  • Ok so tell me what is an IC Engine and what problems does it face?
  • Prove that a one sided infinite turning machine has same power as two sided.
  • What are IC engines?
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  • Tell us about some new technologies in passenger car industry.
  • What happens to fuel economy when number of cylinders is increased?
  • What are the special features of NANO?
  • What do you know about the Nano?
  • What have you studied in Kinematics of Mechanics?
  • What does 2.4 l written on a car indicates?
  • What is a warm gear and can we use it in steering?
  • What is a V-Tec engine?
  • In a heat exchanger, if I have given pressure on tube side, can I perform hydro test of shell side simultaneously? Why?
  • What is a synchromesh gear?
  • What is the difference between a blower and a fan?
  • What is Horse Power and how is it different from Torque?
  • What is hot rolling and cold rolling?
  • What is venturimeter and orifice plate?
  • What is the difference between Reva and Hybrid Cars?
  • What is the difference between precision & calibration?
  • What is the difference between carburetor and fuel injector?
  • What is the difference between gear hobbling and gear shaping?
  • What is the biggest cost in manufacturing a car?
  • What is the BHP rating of the Yamaha superbike R1?
  • What is the difference between adiabatic and isothermic reactions?
  • What is the study of behavior of materials at sub 0 temperature called?
  • What is Total Internal Reflection?
  • What is a Turing machine?
  • What will happen if diesel is used in a petrol engine?
  • Which of the two has more power: A petrol or a diesel car of the same volume?
  • Why 2-stroke is more harmful to the atmosphere than the 4 stroke?
  • Why did you take up a job in IT after pursuing mechanical engineering?
  • What is rolling?
  • You are a mechanical engineer and you are in analytics. Does your engineering help you in your job?
  • You are the only girl in Mechanical Engineering branch, how did you manage?
  • Explain the effect on the basis of which the cricket ball swings.
  • What is difference between rack and pinion?
  • What is K-series engine?
  • What is MPFI?
  • Explain bending moment.
  • Differentiate between a shaper machine and a planner machine
  • Explain the importance of Thermodynamics in the field of Mechanical Engineering?
  • What is the nomenclature of a 6203-ZZ bearing?
  • Give the full form of SCADA, DCS and HMI.
  • How does the failing of Knuckle pin occur?
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  • What is the heat rate of a power plant?
  • Which of these have a higher efficiency: Diesel engines or Petrol engines?
  • What are the points in the stress/strain curve for steel?
  • What is ductile-brittle transition temperature?
  • Differentiate between Relay and Conductor?
  • Differentiate between shaper and planner?
  • What is the immediate superclass of Menu?
  • State the laws of conservation of energy.
  • What is a gear box and what are its applications?
  • What is Carnot engine?
  • Which formula forms a link between thermodynamics and electrochemistry?
  • How will you calculate the tonnage of Mechanical Press?
  • What is maximum continuous rating?
  • What is the difference between Critical speed and Whirling speed?
  • What is plant load factor?
  • Which of the two is harder: cast iron or mild steel?
  • How would you find the amount of natural gas required to produce 1 KWhr of energy?
  • What is annealing?
  • How do you measure temperature in a web bulb thermometer?
  • What is the purpose of governor in automobile?
  • What is the function of EGR value?
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