MBA Interview: Do’s and Don’ts

Interviews require you to take care of a few considerations: there are some things you need to exhibit in an interview and then, there are others that you should most definitely not do in an interview. Let’s go through this list of do’s and don’ts in an interview. 
What are the popular “Do’s” in a Personal Interview?
  • Use a strong voice, clear diction and correct grammar.
  • Make sure your personal appearance is prim and proper, and you dress appropriately.
  • In case of a handshake with the panelists, make sure it is a firm one.
  • Establish eye contact with the interviewer but do not stare at him.
  • Do equip yourself with sufficient knowledge about the B-school you are seeking admission to.
  • Do take criticism gracefully.
  • Do equip yourself with a strong knowledge of the company (in case of prior work experience).
  • Do display a sense of wit as and when possible.
  • Do exhibit a mixture of self-confidence, grace and poise.
  • Do take sufficient time to think before answering tricky questions.
  • Do make concrete goals in planning for your career.
  • Do demonstrate sufficient grasp of the key graduation concepts.
  • Do have sufficient knowledge of your key projects & papers.
  • Do support your answers with examples, wherever possible.
  • Do present yourself as a well-rounded personality with ability to learn from both academic and extracurricular activities.
What are the popular “Don’ts” in a personal interview?
  • Don't be arrogant, overaggressive, or vain.
  • Don't show a lack of attention or energy.
  • Don't make excuses for adverse conditions in your record, such as below average marks.
  • Don't condemn past institutions of education; Give positive comments on it.
  • Don't display a noticeable aversion for schoolwork.
  • Don't be uncertain and indecisive in your thoughts.
  • Don't display prejudice or bias.
  • Don't be late and make sure you are on time for the interview.
  • Don't contradict your own answers.
  • Don't glorify experiences dating back to formative years of schooling.
  • Don't forget: You are the one who develops content for the interview, and you have control over what you are sharing with the interviewer.
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