5 tips for walking in for an Interview

One of the most formidable challenges for a candidate to manage is the art of walking into the interview room. What makes the situation even more overwhelming is the fact that the candidate walks in under enormous stress! The following may serve as a checklist of interview skills that can be developed to help you handle any interview with poise and confidence.
Dressing Up
Dressing up for the interview is a complete task in itself. Knowing what to wear and what not to, may set the pitch for your interaction with the panel. The following may help in this direction:
  • Ensure that you are dressed in formals. This reflects your commitment to task and communicates your ability to uphold the dignity of the situation.
  • Try matching up to the principles of power dressing. Power dressing implies that you are dressed appropriately for the occasion and that your attire positions you in a convincing and powerful manner.
  • Know what you are wearing. This is important as many a times the panel asks you questions on your attire. For example, there have been questions like ‘why are you wearing a tie?’, ‘what is the brand of the shirt you are wearing?’ (more if you are showing interest in the marketing specialization), etc.
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File of Certificates
Your file of certificates is the most important part of what you carry in! Ensure the following in this context:
  • Make sure the file is relevant to the number and size of certificates and that the colour of the file is not repulsive (try avoiding colors which are pinching to the eye!).
  • Arrange the certificates in a sequential manner in the file; top-down and bottom-up are the two approaches. While the top-down approach prioritizes your recent past, the bottom-up approach helps to build curiosity.
  • Avoid holding the file parallel or perpendicular to the body plane. A file held parallel to the body indicates nervousness and possession; while a file held perpendicular reflects vulnerability. Treat the file like an inclined plane w.rt the plane of the body, showing confidence and self-respect.
Walking In
Knock mildly on the door and seek permission to enter the room. Close the door without turning your back towards the panel. Look at all the panelists and walk in confidently towards the chair placed before the panel. Strike an eye contact with all the panelists in a graceful manner, as you walk the distance.
Greeting the Panel
The following points need to be kept in mind at this juncture:
  • Greet all the panelists collectively- avoid assigning a sequence to the panel while greeting, to keep away from unnecessary questions like prioritization in terms of gender, seniority etc.
  • Ensure grammatical uprightness; this is the first verbal connect with the panel.
  • Bear a pleasant smile as you greets, demonstrating a pleasant demeanor.
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Avoid the following
  • Dressing casually, which may project a happy-go-lucky attitude.
  • Walking in with quick short steps or dangerously extended ones- the first one reflecting nervousness and the second one carelessness.
  • Looking at a specific panelist for a disproportionately long time, which may indicate a fixated behavior and inability to connect with a group.
  • Looking desperate to sit on the chair before the panel, implying that you are too eager to look for a support in that chair!
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