Interview: Evaluation Parameters

Interview is a crucial part of selection process in most of the B-schools. Generally, the interviews are conducted to assess the suitability of candidates for the MBA program in B-schools. The interviewers intend to evaluate the candidates on the basis of their personality traits, knowledge, skills and experience. Candidates are asked variety of questions based on their career goals, education, personal values, hobbies, etc. A candidate’s performance is generally evaluated on the basis of following parameters:
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Personality: Questions based on personality traits are commonly asked in interviews and hold a major portion of questions in MBA interviews. The interview panel attempts to gauge your ability to answer a question in a coherent manner. Your answers also reflect your clarity of mind, self-awareness, strong and weak points of your personality. You need to answer these questions in an optimistic and confident tone to make a good impression on the panel.
Clarity of goals: The interview panel intends to probe you on your short-term and long-term career goals. Questions based on your career objectives are frequently asked in MBA interviews to gauge your precision and commitment to life's ambitions. Your answers are evaluated for your suitability to the institute. You need to answer these questions in a manner that links your academic background and interests to your career goals.
General awareness: You are required to be aware of the current happenings, changing scenarios in political and business world, society, etc. GK-based questions assess your interest in events happening around you and the ability to process current and past information.
Subject Knowledge: This is another crucial area in which the candidate is assessed for his learned skills and capabilities. You should be prepared to answer fundamental questions related to your academic and work experience related areas. The interview panel frequently poses questions from your favorite subjects in order to check your honesty. Your answers are generally evaluated in terms of the following:
  • Conceptual Clarity - Can the candidate explain a concept in layman's language?
  • Ability to draw from examples - Can the candidate relate a concept to its application in everyday life?
Communication skills: It is essential to use appropriate and effective language to ace your personal interview. You need to be brief and precise while answering the questions. The way you answer is as much important as what you answer. Also, you need to be a good and active listener to answer the questions well. In case the panel contradicts your answers, you should be polite and confident while stressing upon your viewpoint. Your communication skills are checked on the basis of following parameters:
  • Ability to express your views and opinions
  • Command over language/wit & humour
  • Command over voice/voice modulation
Body Language: Non-verbal communication holds as much importance in an interview as verbal communication. You are advised to maintain a positive body language, appropriate gestures, proper etiquettes, pleasant disposition and enthusiasm throughout the interview. Your body language is generally judged in the following aspects:
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  • Style of sitting
  • Eye contact while speaking
  • Movement of hands
  • Listening style
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