Last-minute tips to ace an MBA interview

In this article we give you 7 last-minute tips, critical to your success in an MBA interview. Keeping these in mind and applying them relevantly may enhance your probability to do better!
1. Be professional
Being professional is a big expectation the panel has of you, since you are enrolling for a program aimed at preparing you for a professional career in the Business World. Professional behaviour puts you on a higher pedestal as compared to others and demonstrates commitment to task. While you are expected to maintain a professional demeanour throughout the interview process, it begins with something as a basic as arriving on time and being well presented. Professionalism is also reflected in the level of preparedness for the interview; hence it beneficial to thoroughly prepare beforehand - the extent of your preparation will become clear as the day unfolds!
2. Be positive
Positive people are not only more pleasant to interview but also, they are easier to connect with. Your aim is to come across as someone who is not only capable, but who would fit into the program. The program is set to put you through a lot of stress, most of which is due to peer pressure. A positive attitude will serve as a lubricant in helping you to connect with the peer group better.
3. Be personable
It’s not always easy, but try and be yourself (your best professional self).Try to get your personality across in a way that’s natural. Being natural does not imply that you do not adequately prepare for the interview day. On the other hand, it implies that you go well prepared and yet sound original and natural. Give them something to remember you, and an effective way of doing so it to brand yourself in a strategic manner. For example, building up a personal value proposition around your strengths, is a good branding strategy.
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4. Be friendly
Some candidates are so focused on the challenges of the day that they forget that:
  • Their behaviour is being assessed at all times.
  • The assessors are human beings and are pre-disposed to favour people who are pleasant!.
Being friendly enables you to establish a relationship with the panel. However, friendliness does not mean that you discount professional behaviour.
5. Be interested
You have to constantly show your involvement in the process. The following may help in this direction:-
  • Avoid looking/sounding indifferent.
  • Listen actively and respond in an alert manner.
  • Participate in the process. 
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6. Be conscientious
This implies that you come across as a sincere person willing to do your work /duty well and thoroughly.If you’re not sure about something, ask.You don’t want to appear neurotic, but it’s important that you’re perceived as someone who is giving 100% to be the successful candidate.
7. Be Confident
Confidence stems from:
  • Clarity of thought, which can be reflected in basic dimensions like reasons for pursuing an MBA program, career plan etc.
  • Content, which measures the depth of knowledge?  You are required to prepare well your graduation basics, projects, internships, favourite subject(s) etc.
  • Poise, which demonstrates balance and composure in your personality.
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