Interview Question Bank : Biotechnology Engineering

Top Biotechnology Engineering Questions asked in MBA Interviews
  • What is biotechnology?
  • What are the common causes of cardiovascular related syncope?
  • What is peripheral resistance?
  • What do you mean by exotoxin?
  • Can you state the phenotypic ratio of a monohybrid cross during incomplete dominance?
  • Please explain testcross in Lehmann’s language.
  • What is the name given to the shortest mitotic phase?
  • Explain the process of centrifugation used to separate yeast in fermentation of beer.
  • How would you explain Animal Pharming to a 10 year old?
  • State in easy language what you mean by Amniocentesis?
  • What is Beauveria bassiana?
  • Give an example of Bacteriophage.
  • What is the number of chromatids in a diploid body cell prior to cell division?
  • Define agglutination.
  • Give an example of cytokine that stimulates the activity of B and T cells.
  • What is the use of TC cells?
  • What is the effect of carbon monoxide on nitrogen fixation?
  • Name a microorganism species capable of converting N2 to NO3.
  • If in a genetic study, 80 people were found to have alleles for polydactylous. Can you calculate the extent of penetrance percentage?
  • Give an example of a program for constructing a phylogenetic tree.
  • Where are gas vacuoles present?
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  • Why do most of the allergic reactions occur in mucous membrane?
  • Can you give an example of an electrophilic substitution reaction?
  • What do you mean by primary and secondary mediators?
  • What do you mean by immune absorption and immunofluorescence?
  • What exactly do you mean by Major Histo Compatibilty complex?
  • What is Southern blotting ?
  • Where do most allergic reactions occur?
  • What is Regeneration?
  • How is DNA transplanted?
  • Is Phenoxyethanol harmful?
  • What is the difference between SDS Page gel electrophoresis and Native gel?
  • Is it possible to express the genes of Prokaryotes into Eukaryotes?
  • Why is buprenorphine less addictive than other opioids (like fentanyl)?
  • What is the definition of Biomedical? What topics are covered under the study of Biomedical Sciences?
  • What is the nature of DBM paper in northern blotting?
  • What is the future of bio informatics in India?
  • How to calculate Carbohydrate percentage in dubois method?
  • Tell us about some drugs that can cross the blood brain barrier.
  • What bacteria should we eat?
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  • What is the difference between clone and identical twins?
  • Why do we use 96 well plate in ELISA plate reader?
  • How does a cell (Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes) know the right time for division?
  • What is P-K reaction?
  • Why methanol is better than all other solvents for extraction process?
  • Why is the RBC called as a cell even though it doesn’t have all the characteristic features of a complete cell?
  • What is the difference between a fermentor and a bioreactor?
  • What is biological hydrogen production?
  • What is difference between translating element and transcription factor?
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