Interview Question Bank - Humanities : Geography

Top Geography Questions
  • What is the impact of discovery and exploration on the development of geographic knowledge?
  • What do you think is the contribution of American geographers in the development of geography?
  • Can you throw some light on the debate between Determinism and Possibilism in Geography?
  • What do you mean by systems approach in Geography?
  • What you mean by ‘Radicalism’ in Geography?
  • What is Marxism?
  • What is Agricultural Geography and its scope?
  • What do you mean by Land Use? What is the classification of agricultural land use in India?
  • What is technology’s role in the development of agriculture?
  • What do you think is the role of physical factors in India’s agricultural system?
  • What are agro-climatic regions of India?
  • What are the Whittlesey's agricultural regions of the world?
  • What is the Von Thunen' s theory of agricultural location?
  • What is the Land Tenure System in India?
  • What is adaption?
  • What is the concept of climax vegetation?
  • Why do mountain flora-fauna have altitudinal zonation?
  • What is biodiversity and what is its significance?
  • What is the significance of study of Geopolitics in Political Geography?
  • What is the difference between the concept of Nation and Nation State?
  • Can you evaluate the issues concerning Indus Water disputes?
  • What is the impact created by Special Economic Zones on their surroundings?
  • What according to you is the Scope of Political Geography?
  • What is Social Geography?
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  • What do you know about the spatial distribution of Caste in India?
  • How is the concept of Welfare different from the concept of Wellbeing?
  • Slums and Gated communities are two extremes of Exclusion in India. Your opinion on this statement.
  • What is the Concept of Social Space?
  • Tell me about the contributions of Arab scholars to geography during medieval period.
  • Would you consider Humboldt and Ritter as founders of modern geography? Justify.
  • Can you discuss the humanistic approaches in geography?
  • What do you mean by ecological paradigm?
  • What do you know about quantitative revolution in geography?
  • What is human ecology?
  • What is desert ecosystem?
  • What is the man environment relationship in equatorial ecosystem?
  • Throw some light on energy related environmental problems and politics in developed and developing countries.
  • What do you mean by the spatial pattern of flood hazards and its related mitigation strategies?
  • What is Environmental Impact Assessment?
  • What are the problems of development in South Asia with respect to population and environment?
  • What is the spatio-temporal pattern of Industrialization in India?
  • Would you consider regional economic cooperation in South Asia as unsuccessful?
  • What are your views on development of road transport in India?
  • What according to you is the difference between tourism and recreation?
  • Could you outline the major geographical parameters of tourism?
  • What according to you are the problems of development of tourism in India?
  • What is eco tourism?
  • What according to you are the main problems and prospects of wildlife tourism?
  • Can you explain the basic elements of diffusion of innovation?
  • How according to you do the socio-institutional factors influence Indian agriculture?
  • Can you examine Christaller’s Central Place Theory and its applicability on Indian cities?
  • Elaborate on the pattern of urbanization in post independence India.
  • Critically examine census classification of Indian urban places.
  • What is the rank size rule?
  • What is the primate city concept?
  • What essentially is the difference between economic growth and economic development?
  • How would you differentiate between a developed and a developing economy?
  • Tell me about some problems faced by an underdeveloped economy.
  • Discuss the interstate income differentials in India.
  • How would you identify the backward areas?
  • What is the concept of micro level planning?
  • What are the problems in tribal area development planning?
  • What do you mean by delimitation of rural urban fringe?
  • Give an account of the water problems in the world.
  • Discuss the problems of energy resources with reference to India.
  • Examine the relationship between main land ratio and optimum population.
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  • Analyze the historical development of political geography.
  • Discuss the concept of heartland.
  • What is the multiple nuclei model?
  • What do you know about the concentric zone model?
  • Can you discuss the Koppen’s scheme of climatic classification?
  • Can you discuss the global environmental initiatives since 1972?
  • What is your understanding of environmental geography?
  • What are the problems of polar ecosystems?
  • What is the significance of international trade?
  • What is the importance of the service sector?
  • Can you tell me about some of the major cultural changes and their impact on environment?
  • Can you highlight the main processes of environmental change during different phases of human adaptation?
  • Can you discuss the functional classification of Indian towns provided by Asoka Mitra?
  • What do you mean by quantitative methods of functional classification of towns?
  • Can you elucidate the housing problems faced by Indian cities? Point out the policies adopted to solve the housing problems.
  • Can you provide an account of problems and policies of slums in Delhi?
  • Explain the concept of demography.
  • Can you discuss the trends and causes of refugee-migration after world wars in developing world?
  • What do you think is the success rate of population policies in addressing the population problems of India? Give suitable examples.
  • Discuss the evidences of climate change.
  • What is the Malthusian theory of population growth?
  • What according to you is the scope of settlement geography?
  • What do you know about Rural Urban fringe?
  • Can you explain to me the different patterns of rural settlement with the help of sketches?
  • What is rank size rule?
  • Can you discuss the factors affecting site situation and layout of your city?
  • Can you discuss the problems related to infrastructure and services of your city?
  • What do you know about urban land use?
  • Can you talk about planning your city?
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