MBA Interview Questions – Business Studies

Top 100 Business Studies Questions asked in MBA Interviews
  • What is EQ?
  • What is business entity concept?
  • Ritu is the manager of the northern division of a large corporate house. At what level does she work in the organization? What are her basic functions?
  • Is Management an Art or Science?
  • Can you talk about scientific management? State any three of its principles.
  • What do you know about scientific management as per Taylor?
  • What do you know about the Principle of Espirit de corps given by Henry Fayol?
  • What do you understand by business environment?
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  • Why is it important for business enterprises to understand their environment? Explain briefly.
  • Why are rules considered to be plans?
  • What are the main features to be considered by the management while planning?
  • What are the steps taken by management in the planning process?
  • Is planning actually worth the huge costs it involves? Explain.
  • Could you briefly explain the steps involved in hiring human resources in an organization?
  • What factors would you say affect the location of a business unit?
  • Can you discuss some of the job training techniques employed by an organization?
  • What is the systems approach to management? Also explain its merits.
  • Have you heard of Peter Drucker? Tell us about some of his contributions to the development of management thought?
  • How would you say diversification is an integral growth strategy?
  • Could you tell me some merits of project organization?
  • What according to you is the significance of informal communication in an organization?
  • What do you understand by management grid?
  • Why do you think people resist change and what is it anyway?
  • Tell me the importance of management grid.
  • Briefly explain what you mean by Knowledge Management.
  • What do you know about Theory X and Theory Y?
  • Why do you think is corporate governance important?
  • What is your understanding of liberalization?
  • What according to you are the positive and negative impacts of liberalization on the Indian business?
  • Tell me about various leadership styles.
  • What is a one person company?
  • What do you think is capital gearing?
  • Define marketing mix.
  • What factors do you think influence managerial decisions regarding marketing mix?
  • Tell me about some external sources of recruitment that you would like to make use of in recruiting managerial personnel.
  • What is capital structure?
  • Tell me about some essentials of a sound capital structure.
  • What do you understand by contingency approach to management?
  • What is "Bounded Rationality" in decision making?
  • What according to you are the causes of bounded rationality?
  • "Ouchi's theory Z is the last word on motivation." Could you critically examine the same?
  • What is a matrix organization?
  • What do you think is Management by Exception?
  • What is a learning organization?
  • What is your take on joint ventures as a growth strategy?
  • Tell me about some techniques of environmental analysis and diagnosis.
  • Would you agree if I say "Search of business idea and opportunity are the corner stone in setting up a business empire."?
  • What is your understanding of the Business Process Outsourcing concept?
  • What are the advantages of outsourcing?
  • Tell me about some of the key contributions of C.K. Prahlad in the light of his theory of Core competence.
  • What are the different stages of "Product Life Cycle"?
  • What would you do in case of declining sales of a product?
  • How do you think can group dynamics be used to overcome resistance to change in organizations?
  • What would you consider while choosing a form of business ownership?
  • Could you discuss the need of training the employees?
  • Could you briefly explain the various types of business environment?
  • How do you think business and external environment interact with each other?
  • What according to you is the role of middlemen in present day business?
  • Is it desirable to eliminate middlemen in a business?
  • What according to you is the problem of small enterprises in India?
  • What according to you is the importance of insurance as a means of risk management?
  • Could you please differentiate between horizontal and vertical integration?
  • What according to you is the significance of workforce diversity?
  • How would you describe e-commerce?
  • What according to you are the requirements for implementation of e commerce?
  • Why do you think Michael Hammer is called the ‘Father of Business Process Reengineering’?
  • When would you say the need for strategic change in an organization arises?
  • What is consumer behavior?
  • What factors influence consumer behavior?
  • What is sales promotion?
  • Could you list some of the major techniques used for sales promotion?
  • How do you think a central bank differs from a commercial bank?
  • Could you state some of the main functions performed by a central bank?
  • Do you know of any steps taken by the government to protect small business firms?
  • What is growth strategy?
  • What according to you is a network organization?
  • Could you state some of the functions performed by the stock exchange?
  • State some of the recruitment processes followed in MNCs.
  • Explain the concept of franchising.
  • What entrepreneurial decisions do you think are required to be taken while setting up a business enterprise?
  • What all would you check while conducting a feasibility study of a project?
  • Do you think a private company is a compromise between a partnership and a public company?
  • What do you understand by productivity?
  • How can you improve productivity?
  • What is the marketing concept?
  • Could you describe Porter's primary value chain analysis?
  • How would you go about formulating a strategy?
  • Could you differentiate between a project and a matrix organization?
  • When would you say a matrix organization is very useful?
  • What are the internal sources of human capital?
  • Why do you think there is a need for total quality management?
  • MNCs are a mixed blessing to the developing economics. Could you elaborate?
  • What according to you has India's experience with privatization been?
  • What would you say is financial management?
  • Explain Maslow's Need Hierarchy Theory of motivation. Why has it been criticized ?
  • Explain the term 'Corporate Strategy'. Discuss the importance of corporate strategy for a large scale business enterprise ?
  • What would you consider as barriers to effective Communication ? How can these barriers be overcome ?
  • Can you talk about various motivational theories?
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