Essay Writing Tips for SLS

Essay Writing Tips for SLS
An essay is a written composition where you express your views, thoughts, and ideas on a particular topic and supports it with facts, statements and explanations.  You need to demonstrate that you possess the required knowledge quotient along with the proper blend of analytical thinking for the question asked. The length of the essay should be apt enough to keep the reader engaged and to meet the purpose. The point to understand is that any redundant element may take away the charm from an essay. As you progress, the level of essay writing also becomes complex and demanding. 
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Although Shakespeare said: “the pen is mightier than a sword,” the pen itself is not enough to make an effective writer.
Following are the tips that will help you ace essay writing section for SLS:
  • Enhance your reading skills and vocabulary
To write an essay, that captures the attention of the reader and makes it worth reading, you should work on building a sound vocabulary and consistent reading habits. If you read novels, magazines, blogs, articles that interests you, it will help to build thinking ability and write good content in case of any abstract topic. A good vocabulary acts like a cherry on the cake.
  • Organize your thoughts and ideas
To write an effective essay for SLS, you need to gather ideas for the given topic and organize them in three broad categories: The Introduction, Body and the Conclusion. Additionally, try to give a catchy introduction followed by the body and then a short conclusion. The body of an essay should be divided into different paragraphs.
  • Practice within the time frame:
You may be practicing essay writing for the admissions to the Symbiosis Law School. But, this effort will be futile if you do not keep a tap on the time limit. Generally, we start writing without considering the time shortage in the exam. So it’s essential to write an essay in the given time slot. A good effort is to divide the time for each section and then work accordingly. Otherwise, we tend to rush on our thoughts and end up in a clumsy manner.
  • Always form a viewpoint
The reader looks for a stand or your opinion on the given topic. What you think about the topic is reflected in your writing style. It is important for you to substantiate the given topic with the relevant examples or facts to build upon the good impression. This will help you to score well and beat the competition.
  • Develop the curiosity in the minds of the reader
The kind of the language used, the writing style, the use of the vocabulary will turn things around you in case of admissions to SLS. Proceed in a manner that generates the interest and develops the curiosity in the reader to read it till the end. Simply writing or stating the facts will not solve the purpose. Rather, always try to build up the story presenting the facts and figures and keep the reader hooked up till the last word.
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  • Do focus on the presentation skills
    One important thing in the essay writing is your way of presentation to the reader. Keep in mind the following parameters to make it worth reading:
    • Mention the TITLE
    • Indent (for each new paragraph)
    • Avoid slang/casual references
    • Avoid too many corrections/cuttings
    • Avoid spelling mistakes
    • Handwriting should be neat and legible.
Thus, following the key strategies will help you to write an effective essay. As Practice makes the man perfect, a bit of regular every day will surely make a difference in your writing style and make you better prepared when it comes to the real time testing.
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