Acing the Essay Writing section in SET

SET is conducted as a preliminary qualifying examination to secure admission into 18 undergraduate courses offered by 13 prestigious institutes under the Symbiosis University.
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The courses offered under SET spread over different campuses are:
  • B.A L.L.B(Hons)
  • B.B.A L.L.B(Hons)
  • BCA
  • BBA- IT
  • BBA
  • B. Sc. Medical technology
  • B. Design
  • B.A. Mass Communication
  • B. Sc. Nursing
  • B. Sc eco Honors
  • B. Tech
  • B. A. Liberal Arts
  • B. Sc. Liberal Arts
After the SET scores are released, you will have to appear for a Written Ability tests and Personal Interview to secure your admission.  Your cumulative score of SET, WAT and PI will be considered for your admission. 
SET has introduced the written test to judge you on how well you are able to express your thoughts in words. Let us first understand what WAT consists of and then look at some points on how to excel the WAT section of SET.
What is WAT?
You will be given a writing task for your admission process under SET. You may be given a topic or a paragraph to write about in around 200 to 300 words. In some courses, you may be even given a situation and asked to pen down what you would do if u were in that situation.  You should keep the following points in mind when you approach the Essay Writing section for SET:
  • Organize your thoughts
    Any essay that you wrote for SET will consist of an introduction, body and conclusion. It is important that you divide the number of words you have appropriately into these 3 sections. Keep a catchy short introduction and a short conclusion. Even the structure of the body can be divided into different paragraphs.
  • Practice within a time limit
    You may be practicing essay writing, but it will only be fruitful if you practice within the time limit. Sometimes, we tend to start writing without paying heed to the time. It is important to allocate time for each sub section. Otherwise, we tend to rush up our thoughts and end the essay in a clumsy manner. It is important to practice every time within the time limit.
  • Read Regularly
    It is important for you to develop a regular reading habit before your SET interview. If you read novels, articles or any magazines that interest you, it will help you to think and write substance in case of an abstract topic.
    It is also important to stay up to date with current affairs and general knowledge for factual essay topics. The more accurately you are able to cite facts in your essay, the greater impact it puts on the reader.
  • Learn to form an opinion
    For your essay, the reader might be checking your stand on a particular issue or situation in the essay. Practice situation based and controversial topics and form an opinion towards them. Also, you should be able to substantiate the stand that you take with facts and examples.
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  • Generate Interest
    The kind of language you use in your SET Essay can turn around things for you. When you practice, try to write your sentences in a way that generate interest and curiosity. Simply writing down facts will not create an Essay. Try to build a story and keep the reader hooked on till the last word.
All the best folks
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