Essay Topics for SLS

Essay Topics for Symbiosis Law School
  • Is the internet a boon or a bane?
  • What impact has social media had on our lives?
  • Should capital punishment be abolished?
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  • Can RTI eradicate Corruption?
  • Indian Judicial System: from here to where
  • Can RTI eradicate corruption?
  • Disability Bill- 2016
  • Religious Liberty and the Women rights
  • The Coalition Politics
  • Is intolerance debate politically motivated?
  • Stand up India, Start up India
  • Characteristics of a Leader
  • Euthanasia- Should it be legalised in India?
  • Article 356 (Proclamation of Emergency) is often misused by ruling party?
  • Article 370 should be done away with?
  • Criminal Defamation Law is against right to freedom of speech.
  • Confrontation between AAP and BJP is affecting residents of Delhi.
  • Permitting Live-in relationship in India;
  • Strict punishments to ministers involved in scams and scandals (2G Spectrum);
  • Death penalties to Abu salem and other Agents of Daud.
  • GST is the need of the hour.
  • Interlinking of Rivers-need of the nation.
  • Performance of NDA II so far.
  • Oil prices must be regulated to help control inflation
  • Caste based reservation must be removed in Educational Institutions
  • Consolidation in Indian Banking Sector-Pros and Cons
  • Raghuram Rajan for 2nd Term as RBI Chairman
  • Judiciary is crossing its limit and interfering with Executive.
  • Odd-Even Scheme and Pollution in Delhi
  • Direct Benefit Transfer and Government Subsidies.
  • Article 377 and its constitutional validity.
  • Swatch Bharat Cess – Not Tax but Change of thought Needed.
  • Frequent Promulgation of Ordinances is a threat to Parliamentary Democracy.
  • Should Capital punishment be banned?
  • You are what you wear.
  • Dharma and the Indian Supreme Court
  • Peace and Religion
  • Truth and Non Violence Intellectual property rights
  • Terrorism
  • Brexit: Pros and Cons
  • Sexual Violence against Women
  • Constitutional right to education
  • Laws on Homosexuality
  • Wildlife trafficking and poaching
  • Online Privacy
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  • Tibetan Immigrants
  • Gender Justice in Hindu Succession
  • Consumer Protection in India
  • Joint family or nuclear family?
  • Life imprisonment
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