Wipro Elite Interview Questions

Wipro Elite NLTH consists of an online test, followed by interview rounds (Technical & HR). After qualifying the online test, candidates are called for interviews.
Excerpts from Interview #1:
(B.Tech (CSE) with 7 CGPA, 87% in class 12th and 90% in class 10th)
Technical Interview
Can you please give me your little introduction?
So, where do you blog? (candidate mentioned blogging as his interest)
Which programming languages do you know?
Select any one of these programming languages.
Tell me something about Java.
What is Object-Oriented Programming?
Explain Encapsulation and Abstraction.
Tell me the difference between errors and exceptions.
Can you please write me a code for finding the factorial of a number?
Have you heard about the Fibonacci Series?
Can you write the code for printing n Fibonacci numbers?
If I were to write a code which is not supposed to take 0 as the input, what would I do to let the user know that he is giving an invalid input?
Any questions from your side?
HR Interview
Do you recall the topic you wrote the essay on?
Do you recall what you wrote? Few lines?
Which is your dream company?
Does any CEO or Chairperson’s life inspire you? How?
Why Wipro?
So, you have a 15-month agreement with Wipro. Are you comfortable?
Are you comfortable with re-allocation?
Excerpts from Interview #2:
(B.Tech (CSE) with 8 CGPA, 89% in class 12th and 87% in class 10th)
Technical Interview
Tell me about yourself.
How can we dynamically allocate memory in C?
Name 5 different OS.
Tell me about threading in Java.
What are the differences between C++ and Java?
What is the name of the compiler used in Java?
(some questions asked from resume)
HR Interview
Introduce yourself.
Why do you want to join Wipro?
Do you plan to do masters in future?
Are you fine with relocation?
Where do you see yourself after two years?
(some project-related questions were asked)
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