TCS NQT (Ninja/Digital) Interview Questions

TCS NQT for Ninja/Digital Hiring consists of an online test followed by technical and HR/managerial interview.
Excerpts from Interview #1
(B.Tech (CSE))
Technical Interview
Introduce yourself along with your family background.
Are you a CSE graduate?
Write a C program to implement a calculator with two operations.
What is a an array?
What is a structure?
What is Union?
Then what is the difference between these two?
What is a tree?
Write a Java program to check if a number is prime or not.
Is there anything you can improve in it?
What are OOPS concepts?
Explain me about your project.
What are DDL, DML and DCL commands in mySQL?
HR/MR Interview
Do you have any relocation constraints?
why is there a dip in your B.Tech percentage?
Any gaps or backlogs?
Which semester and which subject?
Why couldn’t you clear it?
How do you classify IT industry?
What does TCS come under?
What does TCS do?
Any questions?
Excerpts from Interview #2
(B.Tech (CSE))
Technical Interview
Introduce yourself.
What is OOPS? Give an example.
What is an object?
Differentiate between Abstract class and Interface? In what scenarios do we use each of them?
Differentiate between Sets and List. (Asked to give the output of a set-based program).
Differentiate between Vector and Array list.
What do you know about Jswing?
What do you mean by Applet and Servlet?
What do you mean by Joins in sql? Explain outer join.
(some questions asked about candidate’s project (IDE used, etc.)
HR/MR Interview
Where do you belong to?
Tell me about your family background.
Are you ready to relocate anywhere across India?
Why TCS?

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Excerpts from Interview #3
(B.Tech (ECE))
Technical Interview
What are the properties of intrinsic semiconductor?
What is modulation? Explain its types.
What is the difference between electronics and electricals?
What is the difference between C and C++?
What is OOPS?
What is a Linked List?
(candidate was asked to write some programs as per his choice)
HR/MR Interview
Tell me about yourself.
Why do you want to shift your domain from ECE to IT?
How many offers do you have?
Why don’t you join your father’s business?
Excerpts from Interview #4
(B.Tech (ECE))
Technical Interview
What is the function?
What are pointers and array?
What is the difference between stack and queue?
What is a circular linked list?
What is the difference between the array and linked list?
Write a program of:
  • Inserting and deleting a node in a linked list
  • Swapping of two numbers without a third variable
  • Prime number
What is op-amp and draw an open?
What is the inverting and non-inverting part of the op=amp?
What are the universal gates and why?
Draw a AND gate using NAND and NOR gate?
Questions from project:
  • How have you stored data in this project?
  • How to establish the connection between the database and the java program?
  • How many tables you have created in MySQL?
  • Draw the ER diagram.
HR/MR Interview
What are your hobbies?
What was the last movie which you have seen?
What was the last book you read?
Do you believe in teamwork?
How to handle a situation when you have to work alone, if your team members are on holiday and the order has to be delivered next day?
Are you willing to relocate?
Are you comfortable with night shifts?

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