Top Questions for Schlumberger Interviews

Schlumberger Hiring Process
Schlumberger follows a series of 4-5 rounds to recruit candidates for various set of roles. In the first stage, the candidates are shortlisted on the basis of their profile. The campus recruitment procedure consists of an interviews, written test, group exercise and presentation. The first interview may be conducted face-to-face or in telephonic mode. Similar process is followed for direct applicants. Given below are the interview rounds of Schlumberger:
Schlumberger Interview Rounds
  • Technical & HR Interviews
Given below are some of the experiences and prospective interview questions for aspiring candidates:
Schlumberger Interview: Experience 1
Candidate background: Final year student of B.Tech (CSE)
Job Profile: Software Developer
Post the resume shortlisting, the candidate appeared for an interview that was a combination of technical and general HR questions.
Technical & HR Interview
The interview panel started by asking questions regarding the information given in candidate’s resume. Given below are some of the questions asked from the candidate:
  • What do you know about Schlumberger?
  • How well do you perform in a team?
  • Given a list of array elements with all unique elements, except one element which comes two times, find that duplicate number.
  • In an array, all elements are repeated twice except one element which comes thrice, find that element.
  • Insert elements in a binary search tree.
  • Tell me about the traversals of the binary tree.
  • Which one do you prefer - Microsoft technologies or Google technologies?
  • What makes you unique compared to other candidates?
  • Tell us about your favourite project.
The candidate was asked a few specific questions on internships and projects. The interview ended in 50 minutes. After the interview round, candidate gave a written test and a presentation. There was also a group discussion round of 20 minutes.
Schlumberger Interview: Experience 2
Candidate background: B.Tech
Job Profile: Analytics Engineer
(After being shortlisted, the candidate was called for the following interviews.)
Technical Interview Questions
  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What have you done in your Big Data analytics project?
  • Why you did this project? What was the motivation behind it?
  • What do you think is the role of engineer in Schlumberger?
  • Given a problem which needs actions and transformations (using knowledge of Apache Spark). There are 3 columns start_date,end_date, and time_allowed . You have to check which work (row) took more time (end_date-start_date) than the allowed time.
  • Which genetic algorithm did you use in your project?
HR Interview Questions
  • What value will you add to the company?
  • What are your career goals?
  • Tell me one thing that is not on your resume.
  • Tell me about your extracurricular activities at college.
  • What kind of books do you read?
  • Do you have any questions for you?
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